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International Games Week Berlin becomes a crawling metropolis of computer games and gamers alike at the end of April. The #gamesweekberlin will open on Monday evening, April 24 2017, with the Opening Summit in the STATION Berlin and ends Thursday, April 30th. Here are a few of the highlighted events for fans and industry alike. Highlights […]

The community driven content creation site,, is launching a new desktop app which will include an overlay editor and built-in recording and streaming options. Brought to you by SplitmediaLabs – the makers of the XSplit recording technology, looks to centralize and expedite sharing within all social networks. I guess the gist of this […]

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Notes: You don’t have to override the Watchers if you’d rather just take them down. It looks like the Ravager tears them apart before they do any damage anyway. Just make sure to take them down first to make it easier on yourself. To take down the Glinthawks, fire a tearblast at their tumtums. It […]

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Notes: It’s really hard to be sneaky in this one because as soon as they become aware of your presence, your companions will go in and engage. When this happens, avoid going through the front due to the machines tied up. It’s really easy to accidentally set them free. If you sneak around and flank […]

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You’d think by now I would be able to take out a Corrupter without looking fucking dumb. Things I’ve learned: Don’t put traps in tall grass. It don’t work like that. **Note: The Corrupter kind of glitches at the end. If you can figure out how to get it back to that point, and it […]


A new trailer has been released for The Surge (by Deck13) showcasing Man Vs Robot  – or maybe Cyberman Vs Robot. This robot uprise/dystopian future thing is an oddly reoccurring theme this year. Foreshadowing, perhaps? Says our more pessimistic side. His wrinkles are legit. It’s probably one of the most realistic animated humans I’ve ever […]

God, I fucking love this guy’s beard. Mages of Mystralia (by Borealys Games), voted best game at PAX South 2017, Best Indie Game at PAX East 2016, and Best Indie Art at PAX South 2016, has launched their Kickstarter campaign in hopes of polishing and adding features to take the game to the next level. […]

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An almost sneaky way to take over the Gatelands Bandit Camp Notes: You can find Nil hanging around the entrance. He doesn’t do anything until they all become aware of your presence. And he’s super creepy. Things I learned: don’t take down the elite until you either have the skill or take down everyone else. […]

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Here’s the easiest way to override the Copper Deeps Tallneck. Coupla Notes: Override or kill the watchers on the right side. This will make the dismount from the Tallneck a little easier. He will emit a signal when you override him, so everyone will be hostile. All Horizon: Zero Dawn walkthroughs, videos, and related articles