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The Media Fights PewDiePie, PewDiePie Fights Back

My opinions are my own.   I remember the first time I ever watched a PewDiePie video. Some annoying shit where he was yelling over a horror game that he had been tasked to play. I literally thought he was the worst thing i...
by corib3ar


Review: Toren

  I don’t normally wait this long after finishing a game to write a review. I like my thoughts to be fresh and I think my gut instinct about a game is the most honest. With Toren, I found it hard to trust what I was ...
by corib3ar


Kraken Empire

Kromaia-Fast Paced Immersive Adventure Shooter Seeks Funding

Any game that has similarities to Geometry Wars gets an automatic A+ in my book. Kromaia is one of those games. Fast and colorful, this game offers a rush that you can only get when swarms of bright-colored enemies come at you ...
by corib3ar

brainseed factory

Typoman Prologue Walkthrough (Video and Text)

This is a Prologue walkthrough for Typoman by Brainseed Factory. Typoman is available on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch. Prologue Roll along and drop through the gap labeled DR P When you get to PLANK, roll into it a few time...
by corib3ar


Dishonored Mission Walkthrough

Dishonored Walkthrough-Lady Boyle Mission Without Being Seen

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough You’ve been sent on a mission to take care of Lady Boyle, but a stranger in a mask at the party asks you to save her. This is the option way to take care of Lady Boyle – who happens to...
by corib3ar


Splatter-Just Harder Times Release Trailer

Last week, we talked about Splatter-Just Harder Times. Here is an updated release trailer for the game. Splatter – Just Harder Times – Old School Indie Top-Down Shooter Get it now: Vote ...
by corib3ar

Pd Studio

Dusty Revenge-Intro and Game Play

Revenge will consume you, but redemption will push you to your breaking point. Play as Dusty, a duel weapon wielding warrior ready to face loads of outlawed criminals, dangerous creatures and the ruthless evil villain that rule...
by corib3ar



Weekend Recap: The Sexy Hack and Slash

Weekends are for gaming. What did you play this weekend?   Bayonetta – Switch I’ve always been horrible at the hack and slash genre of games. I don’t understand the appeal of button mashing. That being said, I found ...
by corib3ar


Round Up-Updates From Around the Gaming World

Door Kickers You might remember a few months ago when I got a free copy of Door Kickers from KillHouse Games because they made it into the top 100 on Steam Greenlight. Since then. they’ve been Greenlit and you can buy the...
by corib3ar