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BioShock Infinite

In this portion of the Bioshock Infinite Game Play and Walkthrough, you find that Columbia is not all that it seems. Travel through the bright streets and play some religion based carnival games for silver eagles. Get the opportunity to make a moral decision before being recognized as the False Shepard and fight your way through […]

BioShock Infinite

This video introduces you to the main character in BioShock Infinite: Booker Dewitt-a hired gun on a mission to “Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt”. You begin your story on a boat with a chattering couple in the middle of a storm, make your way to the top of a lighthouse to […]


The walkthrough for the first half hour of Tomb Raider. When Lara first comes to: Move left and right until the cocoon beside you catches on fire causing the pillar to catch on fire. Move back and forth until towards the pillar until your cocoon catches on fire. Walk into the room with the body, […]

More of the Same

@snapscomesalive gives his opinion on the popular FPS: Crysis 3 and if tackling a futuristic New York in a cool super suit as a character with a badass name is worth your time. Keep up to date with the latest news in the video game world

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Prelude: What the Fuck the Game Just Started   I hate long ass opening movie scenes in video games. I want to play. Like, now. Needless to say, I pretty much ignored everything that happened in the first 5 minutes of Dishonored. Going back over everything, though, there were multiple situations that I should have […]

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Dishonored Dialogue The Heart given to you by The Outsider is one of the more interesting pieces of the game. You can use the Heart to find Bone Charms and Runes, but it also has a special dialogue for each character and parts of the story. It’s a weird looking heart and I feel like […]

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The opening sequence of Far Cry 3 reminded me of Dead Island, which wasn’t a good sign. I am giving the game a shot, despite the fact I apparently play the biggest vagina on the island. Basics: Green Plants: Health Red Plants: Combat Yellow Plants: Hunting White Plants: Special Kill animals to skin their hides […]

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Road to Rank 50

Road to Rank 50 Our friend, Kenny Shelton, wanted to share his video commentary as he makes his way to rank 50 in Assassin’s Creed 3 multi-player. Subscribe to  him on YouTube! Join him in his victories and defeats in every game he plays. Ranking up in multiplayer games can be hard to do, if not downright […]