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The International Mobile Gaming Awards announced the winners of their 13th Global Edition. Out of a selection of around 3000 submissions, Niantic takes home the Grand Prix with 15 others placing for exceeding in various aspects of mobile gaming. Winners of IMGA special category prizes include: Excellence in Innovation: Human Resource Machine, Tomorrow Corporation, USA Best […]

Get ready for the second wave of annoying people who walk staring at their phones and don’t think to look before they cross the street because Pokemon GO is getting a YUGE update with the release of Second Gen Pokemon by the end of the week.  These include Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region […]


May 5, 2015 Cosmophony | PS3, PS4, PSV | Bento Warhammer 40,000: Regicide | PC | Hammerfall Publishing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood | PC, PS4, Xbox One | Bethesda May 7, 2015 The Empty Inn | PC | Candlelight Studios May 8, 2015 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse | WiiU | Nintendo Project CARS | […]

Broken Age Act 2 was released today – over a year after the unmemorable first act. After our hour long podcast filled with nothing but negativity surrounding the first part of the game, I was hoping that the second act might silence me a little. It didn’t. I haven’t played Act 2. I don’t plan […]


Winterflame: The Other Side | Artoncode If you like beautiful puzzle games and platformers, this one is for you (even if you don’t you should probably check it out anyway) Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, this ambitious project has already won awards and caught the attention of over 100 backers. I would have liked to […]

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Ironhide Game Studio

Tower defense games are an odd genre. They can be easy enough for the most casual of gamers, or hard enough to make gaming veterans want to pull their hair out. All of them have the same play style, with small differences that make each game unique. Kingdom Rush by Ironhide Game Studio is not […]

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Harebrained Schemes

Shadowrun Returns, by Harebrained Schemes, is a turn-based strategy role-playing game also known for being one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2012 raising over 1.8 million dollars. My first impressions were pretty positive as I made my way through the tutorial. It comes with character customization options as well as different classes for […]

LifeSpark Entertainment

Rack N Ruin is set for release early next year on PC and Mac, with iOS and Android versions to follow. The game’s by Tyler Hunter’s new studio, Lifespark Entertainment. Before founding Lifespark, Tyler worked as an artist at Blizzard, contributing to games such as Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and StarCraft II

Greater Play

The Target is a first person shooter for mobile with a heavy focus on team tactics and battle planning. If all you want to do is kill everything in sight, then this game isn’t for you. I’m not sure about everyone else, but it sounds like the FPS we’ve all been waiting for. The best […]