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Hunt of the Blood Moon will become available again between 02/17/2017-02/21-2017 I’ve always been oddly critical of any new mode League of Legends decides to bring up. Partially because the gameplay behind them completely invalidates any actual work I’ve put into learning the game, but mostly because I suck at it. The Hunt of the […]

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What is Hexakill? Hexakill is a new and temporary game mode on League of Legends in which you can bring an “extra ally” to the playing field making it a 6v6 game. You can also earn the elusive Hexakill by killing all 6 members of the opposing team in quick succession. Hexakill is played on […]

How to wreck as Orianna

Orianna is my favorite champion in League of Legends. She’s hard to learn, decent farmer, great poke, and is awesome at helping not only yourself, but your whole team. She’s, arguably, the most versatile champion in LoL and the one I have had the most fun learning how to use. The following video is a […]

League of Legends

LoL Replay (League Replay) is a nifty little tool that saves every League of Legends game you’ve played so you can play it again later. LoLReplay gives you the option of watching in-game mode or spectator mode. Spectator mode is the snazzy featured streams you see when logging into the LoL client. If you want to […]


UPDATE:Cho’gath has eaten the world and the Beta is closed. League of Legends has gone beyond the multiplayer arena and created CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World which is currently in it’s Open Beta stage. Head on over to the Official CHEW webpage and check it out. CHEW is a cute almost-scrolling game featuring the infamous Cho’Gath […]

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For Real For Real. Mac users have waited over 2 years for the chance to play the popular MOBA League of Legends on the native client. Until now, the only option Mac users had to play LoL was iLoL by iLoL was notoriously known for crashing and offered no support from Riot. I think […]

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Nami The Tidecaller Basics Video Walkthrough Nami: water based offensive support champion Abilities: Passive: Surging Tides, allies gain brief movement speed when hit with Nami’s abilities Q: Aqua Bubble, fire a bubble to an area stunning an enemy champion for 1.25 seconds W: Ebb and Flow, Heal an allied champion or Attack an enemy champion. […]

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Mistakes I made as a new League of Legends player and how to avoid them As I approach level 30 and the option to play ranked, I have slowly become aware of the paralyzing mistakes made as a Newbie. I learned of this situation around level 22 and it only took 3-4 levels for me […]

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Dominion game Play

How to Use Ashe Effectively in Domion When I first started playing League of Legends, I hated Ashe. I’m not sure why because I’m a big fan of ranged characters. Once I started learning the difference between Attack Damage and Attack Power, I think I started to appreciate her more. I’ve never used Ashe in […]