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By Basher On 4 Nov, 2013 At 09:40 PM | Categorized As Featured, theMulticast | With No Comments

Well they released another Batman game. Is it bigger and better than before? Nope, not at all. We went in hoping for another great Batman experience and instead we are left with a bad taste in our mouths. There is no way around it. Origins disappoints.  There are countless bugs to this date that have […]

By Basher On 29 Oct, 2013 At 07:24 AM | Categorized As Featured, theMulticast | With No Comments

On this week’s episode of theMulticast, we kill things violently, take down Verdun, and welcome our new best friend Erik Asmussen of 82apps. Playing indie games is not all sunshine and lollipops. We cover a few good ones and one bad one. To no one’s surprise, Corib3ar brings with her yet another way to kill […]

By Basher On 20 Oct, 2013 At 07:05 PM | Categorized As Featured, theMulticast | With No Comments
GTA5 Logo

Another Game of the Year contender bites the dust on this week’s episode of theMulticast. Why does Grand Theft Auto not feel like the blockbuster event it once was? Either something is missing or not enough is changing. Whatever the reason may be, two of our podcasters today are not feeling the hype. Luckily, we […]

By Basher On 23 Aug, 2013 At 11:03 PM | Categorized As Featured, theMulticast | With No Comments

This episode of theMulticast features a drunken Snaps. Caught in the wild! We try our best to keep him contained as we welcome, Tim, from Reptile Games on the show. Tim joins us today to talk about his new game, Megabyte Punch. Think Megaman meets Super Smash Bros. It is pretty amazing and a whole […]

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oc remix

Months in the making! theMulticast finally locked Larry Oji of OC ReMix down.  We are excited to have Larry on the podcast and school us on videogame music. It’s something we all love and hold on close to. Larry and the folks at OC ReMix keep the past, present, and future of videogame music alive […]

By Basher On 12 Aug, 2013 At 10:54 PM | Categorized As Featured, theMulticast | With No Comments

Sean, developer of Magicite, joins the podcast today. Magicite is an epic 2D RPG game that you can play singleplayer or with your friends. Venture out into randomized instances and get loot and materials to craft new armor and weapons. But be careful, as permadeath is a huge part of the game. Still in very […]


Fund the Kickstarter! From Nowhere Studios, theMulticast is joined by Burak Tezateşer. He brings their new title, Monochroma. A dystopian tale of two brothers who find themselves in trouble after witnessing something they shouldn’t have. To make matters worse, the young brother has hurt himself and is too wounded to do much of anything on […]


Fund the Kickstarter! Josh from Dancing Dinosaur Games brings their newest title, Collateral to the podcast. Collateral is an open world, vehicular combat game for PC set in a dystopian future. Take control of an armed flying taxi and explore a visually loaded futuristic environment, undertake crooked missions, and align with nefarious factions to open […]

Unnamed 101

Support the Kickstarter! Marc Sanz is the name of the man and Unnamed 101 is the name of the game. Also, “Unnamed Hero” is the sequel if I have my way! Unnamed 101 is a top down twin stick action RPG for mobile with an engaging choice driven story set in a unique steampunk universe. […]