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[Podcast] Hammerwatch with Hipshot Is it a dungeon crawler, a hack and slash, or a action RPG? It doesn’t matter...
by Basher


Homesick with Berrett Meeker

We are joined by a very special guest this week. We are lucky enough to grab Creative Director of the upcoming game Homesick. Berrett stops by theMulticast studios with @corib3ar and @flygirlgamers to dish out about his very fi...
by Basher


How to wreck as Orianna

League of Legends-Orianna-Let’s Play with theMulticast

Orianna is my favorite champion in League of Legends. She’s hard to learn, decent farmer, great poke, and is awesome at helping not only yourself, but your whole team. She’s, arguably, the most versatile champion in...
by corib3ar

Metro Last Light

theMulticast: Nintendo VS EA

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by Basher


Chris Escalante Music

Special Guest Chris Escalante

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by Basher

Let's Play with theMulticast

Hammerwatch-Let’s Play with theMultiCast-Unedited

Featuring @themultitap @SnapsComesAliveand yours truly @corib3ar of @BiasBear I honestly can’t find any reason for you to watch this. Except that we had Hipshot (Jochum Skoglund – developer of Hammerwatch) as our g...
by corib3ar

xbox 360

theMulticast: Bioshock goes up and Orthy goes down

Basher is cleaning house! Another word about a Wii U or traffic simulation games and you are done. @mattshotcha @snapscomesalive and @corib3ar are annoying the hell out of me on this weeks show. Today we put Bioshock Infinite o...
by corib3ar
Pax 2013

theMulticast: PAX 2013 Edition

We’re live at Pax East! Not really but… Basher, @corib3ar, @mattshotcha, and @mrs_shotcha meet for the first (sadly not the last) time. Learn the difference between great driving and bad driving. How to not do Pax. ...
by corib3ar

Sexism in Video Games

[PodCast] theMulticast: Sexism in Videogames Part 2

The all star group is back. @mattshotcha, @flygirlgamers, and @biasbear deliver their take on the newest Feminist Frequency video. Damsels in Distress Part 1 goes down on this edition of sexism in videogames. We belie...
by corib3ar