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Dishonored walkthrough

Dishonored Walkthrough-Southside Bridgeway Rune Location

Dishonored Rune Location Walkthrough During The Royal Physician Mission, you can find a rune in the Southside Bridgeway. Once you’ve gotten off of the boat and gotten past the guards, make your way down the bridge. You...
by corib3ar

Green Heart Games

Game Dev Tycoon-Hey Ma! I Finally Made It!

I’ve been a fan of tycoon games ever since I bought a used version of Roller Coaster Tycoon from my local Marshall’s. Since then, I’ve taken a break from tycoon games because of the time they take  to play bu...
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Starbreeze Studios

July Feature: Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons

There was a lot of thought put into what game I would play first in my month-long quest to die of exhaustion. In the end, I chose to start with Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t hard to pi...
by corib3ar


VR Horror Game ‘Organ Quarter’ Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

When I originally started this post yesterday, Organ Quarter had about $1,000 and 3 days left to fund their Kickstarter. Since then, they’ve been successfully funded and we all can look forward to this classic horror game bro...
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BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Pt 2-Carnivals, Vigor,& The False Shepard

In this portion of the Bioshock Infinite Game Play and Walkthrough, you find that Columbia is not all that it seems. Travel through the bright streets and play some religion based carnival games for silver eagles. Get the oppo...
by corib3ar


Tomb Raider Walkthrough-Intro Sequence, Force of Will, and Boobs

The walkthrough for the first half hour of Tomb Raider. When Lara first comes to: Move left and right until the cocoon beside you catches on fire causing the pillar to catch on fire. Move back and forth until towards the pillar...
by corib3ar

Longshot Studios

Longshot is a Long Way From Impressive

Longshot was not a favorite and here’s a video explaining why. YouTube description:  Ladies and Gentleman, I present you with Longshot. We all know that people want a great multiplayer space shooter that offers amazing i...
by corib3ar

3 Reasons Why Left 4 Dead is a Perfect Zombie Game

I’d like to kick off my Birthmus Month of zombie games with what I consider the best zombie game ever made: Left 4 Dead. Now, I know that this admission might come with a boatload of  controversy. I’ve met plenty o...
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Free Steam Weekend

Mantis Burn Racing Free to Play Weekend

Mantis Burn Racing®, will be FREE to play on Steam from February 22nd through February 25th. VooFoo Studios has also announced they will be running their first eSports championship during the same time...
by corib3ar