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Horizon Zero Dawn – Maker’s End

You’d think by now I would be able to take out a Corrupter without looking fucking dumb. Things I’ve learned: Don’t put traps in tall grass. It don’t work like that. **Note: The Corrupter kind of glitche...
by corib3ar


Horizon Zero Dawn – Gatelands Bandit Camp

An almost sneaky way to take over the Gatelands Bandit Camp Notes: You can find Nil hanging around the entrance. He doesn’t do anything until they all become aware of your presence. And he’s super creepy. Things I l...
by corib3ar



Horizon Zero Dawn – Copper Deeps Tallneck

Here’s the easiest way to override the Copper Deeps Tallneck. Coupla Notes: Override or kill the watchers on the right side. This will make the dismount from the Tallneck a little easier. He will emit a signal when you ov...
by corib3ar


Horizon Zero Dawn – Robbing the Rich Finale

A really simple way to sneak through the camp. (sort of) Notes: I did die at the very end. The game spawned me in a better position than I was in before…so not complaining. The lesson of this story: don’t run into t...
by corib3ar



Horizon Zero Dawn – Two-Teeth Bandit Camp

The majority of the Two Teeth Bandit Camp take down without being seen. There are about 4 other bandits left after the end of this video. You can hide in the tall grass at the bottom of the hill going up towards the captives an...
by corib3ar


Horizon Zero Dawn – Revenge of the Nora Finale

Killing the Bellowback and clearing the camp of cultists Tips: If you can shock the Bellowback, it will reveal the canister of blaze on its tumtum allowing you to blow it up. Use your fire arrows to aim at the blaze containers ...
by corib3ar


Ampu-Tea – The Game I Won at Failing

I only played Ampu-Tea for slightly less than 17 minutes, so I don’t think I can actually write a review about it. On the same note, I only played Ampu-Tea for 17 minutes, so that should be about as much of a review as yo...
by corib3ar
Orion Prelude

ORION: Prelude is Still the Worst Game Ever Made

Last year, Basher convinced me to play ORION: Dino Horde during the free weekend claiming it to be something that we might have fun doing. We did not, the game was terrible. A year later, ORION had another free weekend and it w...
by corib3ar

Coffee Stain Studios

Let’s (Don’t) Play Goat Simulator-Video Review

Congratulations to Coffee Stain Studios for winning the BiasBear Most Pretentious Developers Award. Thank you for bringing this piece of shit in the gaming world.
by corib3ar