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Top 3 Things I Hate About Titanfall Beta

What is the deal, good sirs? Humble host of theMulticast podcast, Basher here. As most of you know and probably sold your soul for, Titanfall beta is out. By the time of writing this, the Xbox One version has gone public while ...
by Basher

Squatting Penguin Studios

First Look at The Mims: Beginning

The Mims: Beginning is a colorful colony building game by Squatting Penguins. They have recently reached their IndieGoGo goal and released this demo to the public. Reserve your copy of The Mims: Beginning and check out the demo...
by corib3ar


Scientifically Proven

Blood of the Werewolf-White Knuckle, Classic Action Gaming

Blood of the Werewolf, by Scientifically Proven, currently has a Demo out for you to try. Click here to see if your reflexes are up to the challenge! You can also find this game on Steam Greenlight. If you like this game, suppo...
by Basher

Waystone Games

Dawngate-Closed Beta First Impressions

Dawngate is a new MOBA by Waystone Games and is currently doing closed beta testing. On Friday, May 24 and 31 they held a 6-hour closed beta and I was one of the lucky players invited to try out the game. I’ve played both...
by corib3ar


How the world Plays

Gramble-Saving the World One Game at a Time

Gramble World BV , founded by Adam Palmer, is a charity organization based out of The Hague, Netherlands with a goal of improving the lives of 1 billion people through games. Gramble is currently in Beta mode and can only be ac...
by corib3ar


CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World-LoL Open Beta

UPDATE:Cho’gath has eaten the world and the Beta is closed. League of Legends has gone beyond the multiplayer arena and created CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World which is currently in it’s Open Beta stage. Head on ...
by corib3ar

Open Beta

FireFall-MMO & Shooter Come Together-Open Beta Available

Firefall by Red 5 Studios is currently in their Open Beta stage. You can purchase a Beta Key (along with some cool in game shit) here. You can also sign up for the Open Beta and hope for an invite by going here. I was lucky en...
by corib3ar