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Decaying Logic

Second zombie game in less than 2 days! I’m on a roll! Or maybe this one just sucked. Yeah, this one wasn’t very good. Today, I’m playing The Culling of the Cows by Decaying Logic. The Culling of the Cows is described as being both a side scroller, tower defense and a zombie game. I […]

the men who wear many hats

I have finally gotten around to playing something and organizing a list of what I plan to the play for the rest of the month. I didn’t know there were so many zombie games out there for my amusement. Sorting through them is half the battle. The first official zombie game I have played for […]

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Eko Software

I feel like I’ve fried my brain too much to enjoy puzzle games, but I’ve decided to try one out anyway. Today, I am playing Storm by Eko Software. I actually played Storm back when it came out on Steam in 2013, but couldn’t exactly figure out what to do. I decided to start it […]

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Space Budgie

Don’t freak out, but I finally got a day off of real world work. I actually got 2. Isn’t that crazy? Today, I’m looking at 9.03m by Space Budgie. This game is hard to be subjective about. Mostly because I don’t think it’s much of a game, but more of an interactive cinematic experience. Beyond […]

Humble Hearts

I’m a couple of days behind, but still hanging in there, and that’s what matters. Today I’m playing, Dust: An Elysian Tail by Humble Hearts. I don’t usually play platformers because they tend to be on the boring side for me, but Dust takes a couple of steps out of the box and turns a […]

Ironsun Studios

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve played a game that I didn’t ultimately loathe. Today, I am playing Ionball 2: Ionstorm by Ironsun Studios. I love nostalgia. I also love shiny things. Ionball has both. As an upgraded version of Breakout and Arkanoid, Ionball allows us to play the game we played […]

Hanako Games

Long Live the Queen by Hanako Games is my next game. LLtQ is a point and click adventure that is mostly text. I think some people call it an interactive novel. You can find a demo on the Hanako website. Or you can buy the game on Steam. I kind of knew what to expect […]

Coffee Stain Studios

Sanctum 2 is next on the list! Sanctum 2….Sanctum 2….what is it about this game….? Oh yeah. Made by the same people who developed Goat Simulator. Perfect. I don’t know if I was more starry-eyed when this game came out or if now I’m really biased towards anything Coffee Stain Studios makes, but I kind […]

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Lukas Pope

My July 4th game is Papers, Please. Ironic right? I also wanted to add that I’m not technically late, but I was having internet problems yesterday due to a move. For like, the second time in a month. Seriously, I’m done moving. Ok, SO! Papers, Please is a point and click simulation game. You simulate […]