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Let's Play with theMulticast

Hammerwatch-Let’s Play with theMultiCast-Unedited

Featuring @themultitap @SnapsComesAliveand yours truly @corib3ar of @BiasBear I honestly can’t find any reason for you to watch this. Except that we had Hipshot (Jochum Skoglund – developer of Hammerwatch) as our g...
by corib3ar

Evermore Evolution

Worlds Away-2D RPG Adventure at it’s Finest

Worlds Away is a 2D point and click RPG by Evermore Evolution. Worlds Away was released on May 10, 2013 and is available for purchase on Desura. With a little positive feedback, the developer of Worlds Away plans on trying atte...
by corib3ar


Fat Penguin Games

Outer Space Exiles-It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone’s Gotta Do It

Crooked Rocket Studios is a two-man game studio run by Steven – aka “smas”, 3D Engine, AI, and network code developer –  and Ivailo – aka” procopy”, modelling, texturizing, user int...
by corib3ar


Game Artist Benjamin Rijsdijk Gives Advice to Aspiring Designers

A part of the new look at is supporting young developers and extending their advice to aspiring game developers. This time around, I got to talk to Benjamin Rijsdijk. Benjamin just graduated from Grafisch Lyceum Ro...
by corib3ar


White Titan Games

#PowerTheIndie Strategizer: Art of Defense-RTS Meets Turrets

This game is currently in development and on our Upcoming Games Watch-List. You can help fund the game by pre-ordering Strategizer on their website. Strategizer: Art of Defense, by White Titan Games, was originally a tower def...
by corib3ar

Killhouse Games

#PowerTheIndie Door Kickers-Not Your Normal Military Tactics Game

This game is currently working its way up the Steam Greenlight rankings and needs your help to be added as a game in the marketplace. Click here to add your vote and support this game! Door Kickers by KillHouse Games is current...
by corib3ar

Xavier Games

#PowerTheIndie Stellar Alien-Watch Out Devs, Your Future is Here

Here’s a question for you: What were you doing when you were 14 years old? Hanging out with friends? Experiencing your first year of high school? 14 year old Max Polhill just successfully designed and launched his first g...
by corib3ar
Klei Entertainment

#PowerTheIndie Don’t Starve-Survival Strategy and Pyromania

The first rule of Don’t Starve: if it looks dangerous, it probably is. Seriously. I learned this the hard way. Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment is a survival strategy game with a sadistic twist. You play a charact...
by corib3ar