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Sentris, by Samantha Kalman, is a new kind of music game that will “transform any player into a musician”. Ever since KMI released the QuNeo and QuNexus, I’ve always been fascinated with new musical technology. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched an instrument before. Sentris requires you to place blocks in a rotating circle […]

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Kraken Empire

Any game that has similarities to Geometry Wars gets an automatic A+ in my book. Kromaia is one of those games. Fast and colorful, this game offers a rush that you can only get when swarms of bright-colored enemies come at you from every direction. In Kromaia, movement is controlled entirely by physical force. There […]


Fund the Kickstarter! From Nowhere Studios, theMulticast is joined by Burak Tezateşer. He brings their new title, Monochroma. A dystopian tale of two brothers who find themselves in trouble after witnessing something they shouldn’t have. To make matters worse, the young brother has hurt himself and is too wounded to do much of anything on […]

Fat Penguin Games

A couple of months ago, we talked to Crooked Rocket Studios about their upcoming RTS slash Colony Building Game: Outer Space Exiles. They’ve recently launched their IndieGoGo campaign to try and raise money for the release. Their goal is to have a fully functional game prototype by end of the year including professional music and sound. […]


Fund the Kickstarter! Josh from Dancing Dinosaur Games brings their newest title, Collateral to the podcast. Collateral is an open world, vehicular combat game for PC set in a dystopian future. Take control of an armed flying taxi and explore a visually loaded futuristic environment, undertake crooked missions, and align with nefarious factions to open […]

Unnamed 101

Support the Kickstarter! Marc Sanz is the name of the man and Unnamed 101 is the name of the game. Also, “Unnamed Hero” is the sequel if I have my way! Unnamed 101 is a top down twin stick action RPG for mobile with an engaging choice driven story set in a unique steampunk universe. […]

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our dark purpose

Our Dark Purpose KickStarter Difficult, challenging, and rewarding. Our Dark Purpose is a standout performance amongst the top down shooter. Or is it an RPG? This is a video game with many influences all combined perfectly to create heart pounding, blink and you die action. Don’t get this get little Cordy confused. It’s kill or be […]

Greater Play

The Target is a first person shooter for mobile with a heavy focus on team tactics and battle planning. If all you want to do is kill everything in sight, then this game isn’t for you. I’m not sure about everyone else, but it sounds like the FPS we’ve all been waiting for. The best […]

Nine Dots Studios

GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently in development and has recently launched their Kickstarter! Click here to support their project! It’s only $15 to pre-order the game-estimated for release March 2014. Spend a little more money and get a  bunch of other cool prizes ranging  from materials to use on a custom ship to designing your […]