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May 5, 2015 Cosmophony | PS3, PS4, PSV | Bento Warhammer 40,000: Regicide | PC | Hammerfall Publishing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood | PC, PS4, Xbox One | Bethesda May 7, 2015 The Empty Inn | PC | Candlelight Studios May 8, 2015 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse | WiiU | Nintendo Project CARS | […]

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Here’s a video of Warface – a browser based free to play Crysis mod that’s not worth the time it takes to load the game. Warface gives you the opportunity to play as different classes to support your favorite kind of game play, but is nothing unique in the FPS genre. Check out Warface here. […]

The Game Kitchen

The Last Door relies on donations to actively complete another chapter in the game. Visit their site to donate what you want and not only receive cool awards, but also get early access to chapters as they become playable. The Last Door, by The Game Kitchen, is an episodic horror adventure based in England during […]

How to wreck as Orianna

Orianna is my favorite champion in League of Legends. She’s hard to learn, decent farmer, great poke, and is awesome at helping not only yourself, but your whole team. She’s, arguably, the most versatile champion in LoL and the one I have had the most fun learning how to use. The following video is a […]

How the world Plays

Gramble World BV , founded by Adam Palmer, is a charity organization based out of The Hague, Netherlands with a goal of improving the lives of 1 billion people through games. Gramble is currently in Beta mode and can only be accessed by visiting on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. It’s pretty rare for […]


UPDATE:Cho’gath has eaten the world and the Beta is closed. League of Legends has gone beyond the multiplayer arena and created CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World which is currently in it’s Open Beta stage. Head on over to the Official CHEW webpage and check it out. CHEW is a cute almost-scrolling game featuring the infamous Cho’Gath […]

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Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a favourite among many online casino players. Compared to their land-based counterparts, online scratch cards feature top-tier animation and hypnotic sound effects. They are also more affordable; you can get scratch cards at online casinos for as low as 10 cents a pop. But what draws a lot of people to scratch […]

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Nami The Tidecaller Basics Video Walkthrough Nami: water based offensive support champion Abilities: Passive: Surging Tides, allies gain brief movement speed when hit with Nami’s abilities Q: Aqua Bubble, fire a bubble to an area stunning an enemy champion for 1.25 seconds W: Ebb and Flow, Heal an allied champion or Attack an enemy champion. […]

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Mistakes I made as a new League of Legends player and how to avoid them As I approach level 30 and the option to play ranked, I have slowly become aware of the paralyzing mistakes made as a Newbie. I learned of this situation around level 22 and it only took 3-4 levels for me […]