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Upper One Games

Just when you think that platformers aren’t going to get any better, one comes along that questions your judgement. Never Alone, by Upper One Games, is one of those. Education in games is all or nothing. Either a game is going to teach you something or absolutely nothing. I loved the way that Never Alone gave […]

Coffee Stain Studios

Sanctum 2 is next on the list! Sanctum 2….Sanctum 2….what is it about this game….? Oh yeah. Made by the same people who developed Goat Simulator. Perfect. I don’t know if I was more starry-eyed when this game came out or if now I’m really biased towards anything Coffee Stain Studios makes, but I kind […]

Starbreeze Studios

There was a lot of thought put into what game I would play first in my month-long quest to die of exhaustion. In the end, I chose to start with Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t hard to pick this game. Something about it made me want to talk […]


The Steam Summer Sale brings out the worst in me. Hundreds of games available for dirt cheap prices? And not shitty games found in the bottom of a bargain bin at your local flea market. These are actual good, playable games. Needless to say, I went kind of crazy this year. Crazy to the point […]

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A few exciting updates to report on featuring some of our favorite games here at BiasBear. Motte Island Now Available on Steam I can’t repeat enough how much we love One Aperture and Motte Island. They are a dev company that video game reporters look forward to working with and their début game Motte Island […]

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This is not a traditional review. Do not expect a score or grade. In preparation for the reboot, I decided to play the original Thief not  too long ago. Needless to say, it looks like crap. It only added to the charm. In the end, I could not love the game just because I was […]

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This is not a traditional review. Do not expect a score or grade. Finally Strider is back and it’s not in the form of a cameo or part of a brawler. Double Helix successfully brought Strider back in to the new age while retaining a lot of what was fun about it all those years […]

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