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Cost Effective and Versitile Last year, I wrote about the Razer Onza and how awesome it was because of the adjustable sensitivity on the analog sticks and the two programmable bumpers above the normal bumpers. Sadly, my Onza is reaching the end of it’s usable life and my left trigger sometimes gets a little buggy. That’s usually […]

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Mirrorless Camera

One of the main ways that compact cameras have snuck their way into high – end photography is through the mirror-less  system. Great examples of this are the Sony Alpha Nex 7, and the Olympus E-PL3, and many companies have jumped aboard to create quite a few interchangeable lens standards, such as Sony’s E-mount and […]

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Keith McMillan Instruments

QuNexus Kickstarter Video In October, we introduced our love for the QuNeo Pad Controller by Keith McMillen Instruments. They are back at it again with their smarts and ingenuousness and stuff, but they need your help! [button link=”” variation=”blue” size=”large”]Go to the QuNexus KickStarter[/button] Enter the QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller. This offers 25 keys […]

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Razer Onza Tournament Edition I bought the Razer Onza because I was looking for something a little bit different by way of Xbox controllers without getting a modified controller. I didn’t have a lot of options and the only directions I saw was the little light up child-like controllers or a different colored controller and […]

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I recently shot a short video with a friend using the Kodak Playfull. I bought it for about 80 bucks, and I wanted it for a project that I never finished. I got it in light blue and I liked it because it was cheap and it was small. I also wanted something that was […]

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One of the really cool things that comes with my ZenBook is a facial recognition unlock. This obviously isn’t going to be as secure as a good old 16 character password, but I don’t keep sensitive information on my laptop and I really have no reason to keep a password on my computer, I just […]

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My trusted Dell laptop that I have had for 2 years has recently gone on the fritz. Looking at the laptops for sale, I knew that I wanted something that was more portable and small than normal laptops while also giving me the performance that I wanted (Meaning I didn’t want a Mac). This brought […]