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Xavier Games

#PowerTheIndie Stellar Alien-Watch Out Devs, Your Future is Here

Here’s a question for you: What were you doing when you were 14 years old? Hanging out with friends? Experiencing your first year of high school? 14 year old Max Polhill just successfully designed and launched his first g...
by corib3ar

How the world Plays

Gramble-Saving the World One Game at a Time

Gramble World BV , founded by Adam Palmer, is a charity organization based out of The Hague, Netherlands with a goal of improving the lives of 1 billion people through games. Gramble is currently in Beta mode and can only be ac...
by corib3ar


Ironhide Game Studio

#PowerTheIndie – Kingdom Rush

Tower defense games are an odd genre. They can be easy enough for the most casual of gamers, or hard enough to make gaming veterans want to pull their hair out. All of them have the same play style, with small differences that ...
by corib3ar