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Awesome Note – Organize your Life aNote – or Awesome Note as they like to call it – is the ultimate in phone productivity. It’s easily one of my most used apps just because it has the features of a calendar, notepad, shopping list, and to do list meshed together in a simple, yet attractive […]

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It’s that time of the year again, time to upgrade the contract. This means that you can keep or sell the phone you currently have, without paying anything extra for it. At the same time, you will be able to get a brand new phone. Of course, the type of phone and package you will […]

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Of course, coolness is a factor when you’re looking into buying a new mobile phone. We all want cool phones that look good on our desks and impress our friends. But we have to look at other things as well. For example, today’s two phone picks are both equally attractive. We’re looking at the Pantech […]

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Mobile Phone

Uh oh–your mobile phone just took an involuntary bath. Not the ideal situation, but all may not be lost. Before you toss your mobile phone onto the heap of despair, try these tips for giving your mobile phone a little CPR (Critical Phone Resuscitation). Whichever methods you try, the sooner you get your mobile phone […]

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Zaptoid Guest Post

What’s the overall opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?  Essentially, it is a great phone for people on a budget.  It offers everything you could possibly need, it has a fast dual-core processor chip and the camera is not bad at all.  However, if you were to purchase it as a SIM-free phone, it […]

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SMS Blocker

We all need a way to be unreachable. Some of us more than others. A few months ago, I wrote about SMS Ninja and its’ awesome ability to make sure the people you don’t want to contact you, can’t. Unfortunately, SMS Ninja is not compatible with iOS 6.x and I needed to find an alternative […]

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The wait is over and the Evasi0n has released their iOS 6.x jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad. We no longer have to conform to Apple’s strict rules and can customize our device at will. Performing the jailbreak is very simple. All you need is a computer with Linux, Mac OS, or Windows. Download the […]

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Tap to start. Photosynth is the best panoramic camera app out there

Photosynth (By Microsoft) is my most favorite iPhone camera app ever. This free app is the simplest way to take stunning panoramic pictures. All you do is tap to start, and slowly move your camera up, down, left, and right, until everything you want in the picture has been taken. Photosynth stitches all of your pictures […]

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Pocket Minions (available on the Apple App Store)is the  kind of game that irritates me. It was OK at first. The first tower I built was decent. The instructions were easy to follow and it made sense. Each room has a purpose and each minion that produces an item has the option of producing 3 different […]