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Cydia Bytafont

A simple and concise guide to using BytaFont – on the Cydia Market Not surprisingly, I found out that the majority of my friends who have jailbroken iPhones, have no idea what to do with them or how to use the Cydia Market. It’s a title I guess. To be able to have something really […]

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Evony Age 2 Beginner's Guide to taking a level 12 historic cityv

This is a re-make of an Evony Age 2 video I did for my clan to help them take a 12. I’ll be posting the transcription to the video in a later post. I cut it down a little bit because it was originally 30 minutes of staring at an Evony city and while I […]

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I decided to get into a little bit of  title sequence making for a few of the videos I was going to do and promptly went to look for some tutorial to help me out a little bit. There were a bunch that I found and since it was my first time using After Effects, […]

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Python Code

Source code for the aspiring Python Programmer. Python Programming tutorials to help you understand programming languages. I was lamenting (which I obviously do a lot) about stuff and wrote a facebook status – written below. One of my friends mentioned that it was a recurrence relation that should be tested which I immediately took as […]

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Keyboard with Foam Stickers

When I built my new computer, I wasn’t very selective when it came to picking my mouse and keyboard. This turned out to be a mistake. I knew I should have gotten the Razer Tron Keyboard. It has pretty lights. I ended up getting the Razer Arctosa with a black on black keyboard that doesn’t […]

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All comments are defined by “#”. When entered in the program, it should be displayed as red text that doesn’t affect the program at all. The indentions are not entered on here, be sure to remember that when looking at this post. Modify the Chaos program so that the number of values to print is […]

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Mobile Phone

How to keep your Droid working like new: One of the biggest mistakes most people make is that they get a Droid without looking at the amount of memory on it. Yes, that $30 Droid is cheap, but you’re getting what you pay for. There’s probably 126 MB of onboard memory with the ability to […]

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Stefan making 1)                  Foam Backer Road 2)                  Utility Knife 3)                  Copperhead Steel BB Ammo 4)                  Slingshot Ammo 5)                  Dart Tips 6)                  Pillow Case 7)                  Hair Dryer 8)                  Some kind of measuring device I guess the way that I do it is considered the old fashioned way. There are other ways to do this, but this […]

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We all run into roadblocks. Sometimes, I look at programs or apps or even just every day things and think “ How did somebody think of that? That’s genius!” (At least in my head, I’m quite nonchalant on the outside). The real question here though is, how DO they think of these things? Do you […]