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August 6, 2012

Cydia Market | BytaFont – Simple and Concise Guide


A simple and concise guide to using BytaFont – on the Cydia Market

Not surprisingly, I found out that the majority of my friends who have jailbroken iPhones, have no idea what to do with them or how to use the Cydia Market. It’s a title I guess. To be able to have something really cool looking and have somebody ask “Wow! How did you do that?!”. Oh my iPhone is just *ahem* jailbroken and you can’t do this. Sorry not sorry.

I digress. I had a friend who came up to me, repeatedly I might add, to get me to change the font on his phone. I told him a few times how to do this, but I guess some thing just aren’t as clear to other people as they are to me. So, here’s a concise and simple guide to using Bytafont (From the Cydia Marketplace)on your jailbroken iPhone.

One of the hardest things to do, after downloading the app, was finding the actual app. The cool thing about the iPhone, is that if you press the home button too many times (usually because it’s not doing what you want it to) it’ll bring up the search option that goes through your entire phone. I actually want to say that was his first problem: finding the app. Long story short, can’t find it? Search for it. It’s also a pretty cool amusement tool when you want to find out how many times you’ve talked to your friends about dildos, just search and it’ll bring up every conversation with the word “dildo” in it. Kind of funny, don’t ask me how I know.

Moving on.
Here’s the home screen for the application. Lots of cool legal bullshit for you to go through (as if I’m interested). I think that the company just really needed a home screen and that’s the best it had. Whatever, not judging. Some people just aren’t as creative as others. Still a good app.

As you can see at the bottom, there’s a few options you can browse through. Now, when you’re in the Cydia Market, you do have the option of downloading the fonts through there. This option SUCKS, though, because there’s either no way to preview it or you have to go through a million links to get there. The browse function in the app is much cleaner and a lot easier to use. You also have the option of going here and searching through the Bytafont site itself. Both are better than trying to form a connection with the font and determining if you like it by it’s name.
You can search by different categories within the browse page as well as install the app right to your phone. Another cool thing about this app, is that you can set certain parts of your phone to have a different font. This took me a while to figure out. At once point, I had a horrendous font on one of my other apps and had no idea how to change it. In the end, I deleted that app. Which sucks because it didn’t really do anything wrong, but I don’t like not knowing shit and I just didn’t get it.

That concludes my simple and concise guide! What is your favorite font to use on Bytafont?

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