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August 7, 2012

Cydia Market | Awesome Lesser Known Apps

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Sometimes, I like to just sit on my phone and go through my Cydia Market new releases and packages when I’m really bored. That’s actually how I found some of the best apps on my phone as well as my spontaneous font or background changes. If you go under “changes” in the Cydia Market, you can find all the new releases if you want hours of fun like me. Here’s a list of some of my favorite random apps that I’ve added on my jailbroken iPhone 4s.


Screenshot of iPhone 4s Add Call History

Add Call History

Let’s be realistic here Sometimes we lie about calling somebody. Or not calling somebody. Or missing their phone call. I rarely ever use this app. I think the only time I ever did was when I really hated my boyfriend at the time and I wanted to make it look like I called him, when I really didn’t. Horrible, I know. If you are ever in that situation, this is the ap for you.
It also allows you to delete your call history one by one instead of having to delete a whole thread at once. Also pretty sketch, but I don’t judge. This is one of those “just for fun apps” that I keep on my phone ‘just in case” but it’s kind of cool to show off, too, if that’s what you’re into.

ScreenShot iPhone 4s Cydia Market Fake Call

Fake Call

Not trying to call out my ego, but I tend to get hit on a lot when I go out. This app not only allows me to fake a call to get out of a rough situation, but I can also fake a dead battery if I need to. “Sure, I’ll take your number….oh shoot my phone is dead. Write it down on this piece of paper that I’ll conveniently lose within 30 seconds of you leaving.”
You can set the number that calls as well as the contact that calls, so it looks super legit. Also another “just for fun app”. I think I used it in a music video once too, that was really cool.


Screenshot of iPhone 4s











WiFi Pass

]This is kind of a must have for me. This app saves all the passwords from ever WiFi hotspot you’ve connected your phone with. Not only is it convenient, it’s also great for people with horrible memories. It’s an app that you probably won’t use very often, but when you need it, it’s the one app that might make you or break you.

Cydia Maket Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes

Developers and hackers unite. Wild Eyes allows you to browse the databases on your iPhone. Not for a casual user, but I’m able to go into the files of an application downloaded onto my phone and get the root files. Which is super important in my book.


Cydia Market IP Tracker

IP Tracker

Another one of those apps that is not meant for the casual user. IP Tracker does just that. Allows you to input an IP and find out where it’s coming from. I have my own reasons for having it, I’m sure there are plenty people out there that also do.

Cydia Market iPassword


I have a love/hate relationship with this application. iPassword is a password generator to the nth degree. Coming from somebody who has to have a bunch of different passwords for sites and servers and blogs and whatever the hell else I might need to have a password for, this generator has saved me time by just generating one for me. The reason I hate it so much is because I hate remembering new passwords, so I guess it’s not the app’s fault, it’s mine.
It also has the callouts for each letter and symbol so you don’t mix up characters that might look alike. I generally don’t use the symbols because my Razer Acosta was a blackout keyboard and was really hard for me to input passwords. This is a much used and favorite app of mine and I recommend it highly.

Screenshot iPhone 4s Unrestrictor


This is the only paid for app on the list. Unrestrictor allows you to place apps on a list that will ignore Apple’s restriction on download limits. Never again will you have to wait until you’re within WiFi to download over 20 MB from the App store. It also allows you to use FaceTime over your 3G network. It’s only 5 bucks so it’s worth the money spent especially for us folks still holding on to our unlimited data plans and aren’t being coerced into Verizon’s Share Everything Plan Maybe I don’t want to share stuff Verizon. Maybe I wanna be selfish, leave me alone.

If you spend a little bit of time going through the Cydia Market, you’re going to find some really cool apps. New apps are released everyday by some really good devs. What’s your favorite app from the Cydia Market?

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