September is Girl Gamers Month: Meet Samantha Warren!

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Girls that Game: Samantha Warren
Portrait Picture of Samantha Warren

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bit freaked out by having to do interviews for our September Girl Gamers feature. I’d never done anything like this before and I wasn’t sure how the girls would react during the interview. I was scared of messing up and/or doing something stupid that would cause people to be mad at me. What if it was awkward? What if I asked the wrong questions? What if a snake somehow crawled into my bedroom and wrapped itself around my computer cables and my computer shut off and I left mid interview and then the snake killed me and I walked around in purgatory because I never finished my feature…

I’m so lucky to have interviewed Samantha Warren (from the blog Samantha Warren – Stealing Starships)  first. She’s fun and quirky and you can tell from her site that she’s very comfortable with who she is.  Even from the first email, her personality is captivating and her imagination is something to be jealous of.  She made me very comfortable to break my interview cherry and it pretty much was just a friendly discussion. No awkwardness present.

Our very first conversation on Skype, right after the hellos, was our shared love of Harry Potter while she discussed the completion of her latest novel: “The Seven Keys of Alaesha“. We started off with some random chit chat (she has cows!) and finally buckled down and started the interview.


Samantha: Blogger and Author

Part 1 Samantha Warren Interview

The gamer beneath it all

Interview Part 2 Samantha Warren

Gaming and being a girl

Samantha Warren Interview part 3

Gaming and the future of female gamers

Samantha Warren Interview part 4

A Final Statement for all girl gamers

Part 5 of Samantha Warren Interview

So she is a blogger, an author, a gamer, AND a milker (or dairymaid? I had to Google what to call a person who milks cows) with an active imagination. Her About Me page on her site even talks about her pet, Anethesis, a dragon that helped her build a space ship so they could travel to other universes. You can tell she’s never not an author and her passions for books rolls over to her passion for gaming. I was really excited after our interview because Samantha is the perfect start to our feature and her optimism is contagious. Her words, “Be yourself”, are simple yet powerful. Hopefully her message will reach it’s target and I sincerely hope one day her books will be made into movies and I can say “Hey, I know her!” Thank you so much, Samantha!

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