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September 8, 2012

September is Girl Gamers Month: Meet Jenny Haniver!

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Girl Gamers Month: Jenny Haniver

Jenny Haniver is a badass girl gamer. There’s really no other way to describe her. She’s got a voice, she’s got an opinion, and she has the balls to make sure everyone knows. Jenny runs the blog site – Chronicles of a Female Gamer – which features audio from online multiplayer lobbies and the harassment she receives as a female gamer. She mostly only plays Call of Duty online, however she does have a PC to play Minecraft on. Her favorite game series is Bioshock (it was actually the reason she bought an Xbox) but had a hard time answering what her favorite series of all time was.

Her site also features comments from other users as well as a pretty cool project she did for her school’s art gallery in 2010 The project contained audio from both a male and woman’s point of view while playing games and insults they would come in contact with.

I, unfortunately, didn’t have as great of a go around interview wise the second time around as I did with Samantha. It was an audio call and I wasn’t sure if my equipment was working. I was nervous about having to talk instead of typing – long story short, I was a mess.

Jenny’s Audio Interview

Jenny was phenomenal, though. From the second I started my call with her, I knew I would enjoy her responses. She speaks with enough emphasis to get you excited about the cause and with enough sass to have confidence. When asked about the audio on her blog, she explained that it was bizarre and weird statements she came in contact with and not necessarily negative responses she got from guys.

“It kind of varies between people giving me shit because of my gender or…hitting on me and kind of making, like,  sexual remarks and then like ‘oh, you know, I’m just joking I’m just joking”

“What the hell are you doing that makes these people act like this”

She explained that it wasn’t really about the fact that people are  saying it, but more so the actual words are being said. The main reason she wanted to post the audio on the site was so other people could experience what it was like to be singled out and harassed to, hopefully, spark a change in the gaming community. She doesn’t do anything to illicit a response from anyone except have a mic and a female gamertag. Some people end up legitimately surprised about the responses, but veterans to the gaming community accept it for what it was. They know it exists and yet do nothing about it?

Listening to her answers, you can’t help but be empowered by her want to make a difference. Jenny is the kind of girl that you want on your side when you’re fighting for a cause. Thank you for everything you do, Jenny and thank you for allowing us to interview you!


September is Girls Gamers Month

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