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September 9, 2012

SMS Ninja – I Struck Cydia Market Gold

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SMS Ninja is one of my new favorite apps. This application gives you the ability to white list, black list, and private list your texts and phone calls. This app is good for either those prone to cheating in a relationship or those that get harassed by random people .

I, fortunately, fall into the latter category. I’ll back track a little bit. I keep my phone number on my Facebook for business and personal reasons. I also am not selective with who I accept as a friend because I am building an online blog, so the more people who are my friends, the more people that see what I post. Saying this, I might have over estimated the morals and ethics of the general public.SMS Ninja

Long story short, a guy tried to talk to me on Facebook chat and when I expressed my lack of interest, the silly lad decided it would be a good idea to text me and ask me why. I’m not sure if his brain went on vacation, or his cockiness overshadowed common sense, but I didn’t take too kindly to it. After expressing my distaste at his decision, he took it upon himself to continually harass me.

I will admit, I had a long and boring night at work. I humored the poor fellow for a little bit and finally thanked him at the end of the night for an entertaining evening. He didn’t stop, though, and proceeded to send me more texts the next day. By this time, I was fed up. I hadn’t responded to anything since the night before and didn’t want to get excited about receiving a text message then being super disappointed when I found out it was from him.

So I went off into my trusted Cydia Market and found SMS Ninja. The interface is really simple with a small button in the top left corner with instructions and a detailed (with an English as a second language kind of feel) list of instructions on how to use the device. You can white list all your contacts so all non contact numbers can’t text or call but the most useful option is the ability to block all numbers with a certain set of digits in it. This means you can block all 800 numbers and even all numbers from a certain area code. Really nifty.

SMS Ninja Screen ShotOnce a number is on the blocked list, you don’t hear from them until you take them off. No texts, no calls, nothing. With the option to delete call history, you won’t even get an notification if they call. It automatically erases them from your life completely.

And that was that. No more texts from Creeper McCreeperson and now I know exactly what to do if the situation happens again. I mostly may have used this post to call out the dumdum that brought this on himself, but it really is something that you should keep in mind if a similar instance happens to you. It’s better to just erase the problem rather than provoke it.

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