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September 26, 2012

Pocket Minions – A Pocket Full of Unhappiness

Pocket Minions (available on the Apple App Store)is the  kind of game that irritates me. It was OK at first. The first tower I built was decent. The instructions were easy to follow and it made sense. Each room has a purpose and each minion that produces an item has the option of producing 3 different things. This game reminds me of Zombie Takeover only a little bit more advanced. The minions produce more than money and there are some that have a purposeful action.

You first start off being told what you can and cannot build. Perhaps I should use the word “forced” instead. If you try to stray from tutorial, a crazy minion lady pops up and tells you to do what she says….or else. It helps to learn the game, but after you learn the game there’s nothing else that you can do. It literally does not change.

The whole back story about the game has to do with you (the player) being some God-like magic finger that helps tiny minions who have wandered upon a territory inhabited by dragons and decided to stay. In my opinion, as soon as I found out there were dragons in the area, I probably would have left said area. I feel like being dependent on an unknown magic finger from the sky against huge dragons is kind of a risk to take. Probably one that I wouldn’t want to take my chances with. Especially if I had to depend on a magic finger from the sky. But that’s just me. Maybe minions have different thought patterns, I don’t know.

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