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March 2, 2013

aNote – Awesome is an Understatement

Awesome Note – Organize your Life

aNote – or Awesome Note as they like to call it – is the ultimate in phone productivity. It’s easily one of my most used apps just because it has the features of a calendar, notepad, shopping list, and to do list meshed together in a simple, yet attractive interface. It’s also probably one of the only apps I’ve ever paid for (Until Pixel People). Anote is well worth the money.

biasbear.comThe first thing you see when you open the app is a list of folders, a button for your calendar, and a quick memo option for when you’re in a rush to jot something down. This app even syncs with your Google and Evernote account so all of your calendar entries and notes will show up on the aNote calendar complete with the right entry colors. You also have the option of password protecting the app with a simple passcode if you want to put sensitive information in one of your notes.

aNote has multiple options to back up and restore your notes. You can either use iTunes or the network sharing feature to sync and restore. Both are a pretty smart option to take advantage of. You never know what might happen to your phone and trust me when I say you’ll be putting a lot of information into this app.

I especially like the “to-do” option under types of notes. This gives you a folder on the main page you can name according to the list with a check box that will cross out the item once it’s completed. I happen to like it because I can put items on my shopping list throughout the week and whenever I’m in the store, I can peek at my app to see if there’s anything there I might need to buy. No need to worry about leaving a paper list somewhere or going through a regular note over and over to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

One way aNote keeps you organized, is the ability to place your notes into folders that are displayed as soon as you open the app. It’s the same system as organizing documents on a computer, so you don’t have to spend time learning where things are. It’s simple and efficient and comes with color options for those who like visually appealing productivity.

Your notes can be as dynamic or simple as you’d like. You have the option of having a normal note, to-do, event, anniversary, or diary entry. You can either add photos from your gallery, or take photos with your camera to add a splash of life to your entries. The drawing feature is pretty fun too, giving you the option to draw your note instead of typing it. Add locations, change the font, or add a background to make your notes exactly what you want them to be.

Surprisingly enough, I might have found an app that does exactly what I want without any flaws. There isn’t one thing I think I would want changed on this app, and I’m a picky person who is rarely happy with anything. What’s your favorite productivity app?

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