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October 3, 2012

Kickstart Your Dream – Featuring Tempting Paris

Kickstarter Video: Tempting Paris – Who is Bob Fire? ;is a place where dreams come true. Their site features start-up projects of many genres including music, film, design, arts, photography, games, and technology. On their site, you can fund and follow creativity in its most basic form with rewards as an incentive for supporting what you love. As if you really needed one. ;

One brother. One sister. One vision. With your help, Tempting Paris can become a childhood dream come true.

Cascio Interstate MusicThis is where I found the group: Tempting Paris. Their music is full of funky piano mixed with a bit of rock. It’s bold, new, fresh, and I fucking love it. The tone is upbeat and positive with catchy lyrics sung in perfect harmony by Shawn Milke and Melissa Milke. I especially loved the way they could transition from soft, easy listening ;into a rock guitar with no hesitation. To top that off, their lyrics speak of slowing down and loving life ;- which is a pleasant change from the constant hassle we all face on a daily basis. It’s that special something that will put you in a great mood to start your day and lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. ;

With the help of, Tempting Paris has raised over $10,000 to fund their dream of transforming the black canvas they call life into a beautiful and positive thing to share with the world. ;

Tempting Paris Logo kickstarter.comThey began their most recent video with the question, “Who is Bob Fire?” which tells of a fictional (I hope!) story where they try to get a meeting with an elusive record producer. The video is so entertaining, it makes you wish you were there to meet them because it looks like they know how to have fun. I would definitely recommend you ;watch it and support their upcoming album “Polaroids in July”.

It only takes $1 to back a project and a dream. A creator would, obviously, love to receive more than that, but we all know dollars add up. Their way to inspire support is a simple rewards system. Personal thank you’s, limited editions, autographed books, you name it. People love to get these things, and realized that. Pledge just $20 to Tempting Paris’ Kickstarter and you’ve just landed yourself an awesome rock album complete with a poster and stickers to further fuel your enthusiasm. has an “all-or-nothing” system, meaning you reach your goal and get the money or you don’t and get nothing. Tempting Paris has a little bit more than $9,000 left with less than a month remaining to make their dreams a reality.

Support Tempting Paris!

Like Tempting Paris, thousands of other projects have gotten their start on To date, they have provided a way for over 72,000 projects to be funded over $300M with a success rate of 44%. Stats like that have me considering using its ingenious platform to fund my newest site with my dream to encourage people of all races, ages, and genders to not be intimidated by programming and show them how programming is ;fun and rewarding. What do you think of the platform?

Do you have any ideas you think might be successful on

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