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October 13, 2012

Dishonored – Twist of Fortune Bone Charm

Twist of Fortune Bone Charm Walk Through

How to get the Twist of Fortune Bone Charm

  • Switch to your Blink spell
  • Go to the side of the gate
  • Blink up
  • Blink down towards the pipes
  • Blink back up towards the ledge
  • Drop down from the ledge
  • Bone Charm is by the dead guy’s head.

You can read one book with some lyrics that most people don’t care about. There are also some rat skewers on the grill if you need to heal a little bit. Bone Charms give you some kind of supernatural ability and you can equip up to 3 at a time. The Twist of Fortune Bone Charm heightens your chances of getting a full mana resupply when you drink a potion.

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