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October 15, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Healthy Appetite Bone Charm & Griff’s Shop

Dishonored Walk Through and Game Play

Dishonored Walkthrough

Where and how to get the Healthy Appetite Bone Charm and gain access to Griff’s Shop in the Dishonored High Seer Campbell Main Quest.

Don’t forget about the Twist of Fortune Bone Charm!

  •  From Dr Galvani’s house look across the street with your heart equipped and head towards the bone charm (You can also head from the opposite direction if you’re coming from the Distillery)
  • Look down and you’ll see 2 gang members harassing somebody outside of a building
  • Take the gang members out how you see fit and break through the door using your sword
  • Talk to the guy who’s name is Griff and he invites you to visit him at his shop
  • Ignore the food in this room for now and go into the closet and look up
  • Blink up into the room and the bone charm is on the table
  • The Healthy Appetite Bone Charm gives you more health from eating food
  • There’s a book about bone charms and a geographical survey on the table worth 75 coins.

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