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October 15, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Granny Rags Quest Pt 2 & Strong Arms

Infect the Sill with the Plague Rot Viscera

Granny Rags Optional Side Quest Pt 2:

You agreed to help Granny Rags by getting the plague rot viscera, take it to the distillery, and poison the bootleg health potions.

Don’t have the Plague Rot Viscera yet? Check out the first part to this quest!

  • Head to the Distillery which is Hostile Territory and they will attack on sight
  • Either use the pipes up top to work your way around the compound, or fight your way through the gang
  • On the table next to the door into the building, there’s a key to open the cage door in the corner on your left. Inside is a rewire tool – rewire security devices to work in your favor – and a health potion. Be wary of the rats as they are hostile as well.
  • Once inside, either drop down below the gang , possess a rat, or kill everyone to make your way into the door on the right side at the bottom or the door at the top of the stairs
  • In the next room, underneath the stairs is the sill. You can use the empty vials lying around to make health potions for yourself (limit 3) before poisoning it
  • Leave the room and equip your heart. Look up and you can see the bone charm on the rafters
  • Blink up to obtain the Strong Arm bone charm. This charm gives you the ability to choke somebody faster
  • Head back to Granny Rags to receive your reward. You should have already unlocked the door when you took care of her “nice gentlemen callers” so you can just walk into the front door.
  • She thanks you and you can find another rune in the same spot as the first one she gave up – in the upstairs room under the boat.

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