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October 16, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-2nd Wall of Light & Confiscated Rune

How to get past the second wall of light and get the confiscated rune

How to get through the second wall of light and locate the Confiscated Rune (The violent way)

  • The guards talking will walk out of your way once they are done. Take out the one guard on your side if you want.
  • You have options when trying to get passed the 2nd wall of light: Possess a guard, take the back alley way through the Distillery District, or take the whale oil out of where it powers the wall.
  • Once past the wall, equip your heart and and in the building ahead of you is the location of the Confiscated Rune.
  • The rune is there with a note about it being confiscated from a dead woman.
  • There’s also a mana potion and food in the area.

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