Dishonored Walkthrough-Acrobat/Healthy Appetite 2 Bone Charm

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Dishonored: Bone Charm and Rune Location Walk Through

The Acrobat Bone Charm, Healthy Appetite 2 Bone Charm (Click here for Healthy Appetite 1 Bone Charm) and access to another rune are available right before the end of the High Seer Campbell quest after you’ve entered the Office of the High Seer.


  • Sneak or Kill your way into the the Office of the High Seer main building (There’s urns and plaques and stuff everywhere. Just follow how the guards are positioned)
  • When you walk in there will be a room on your right, left and a huge room in front of you with more seers talking about The Outsider.
  • Sneak or Kill your way to the right, out the other door across the room and cross to the door in front of you that leads to the backyard.
  • There’s a guard right out side of the door, dispose of him as you please and head towards the middle area. You’ll see a yellow HALT sign above and to the left there’s a sign over a door labeled Workshop.
  • You’re going to have to find a seer with a workshop key and either pickpocket him, put him to sleep, or kill him.
  • Get the key and go inside.
  • Stock up on whatever you want, but be sure to find these the red valve replacement and the rune.
  • Once you’re done, grab the valve, walk out the door and go left. Go right around the building until you see a note on the wall on your right.
  • Place the valve there and turn it.
  • Inside is the Healthy Appetite 2 Bone Charm and the body of a dead overseer. If you read the note, you’ll notice that something had been rotting in there for the past year. That overseen doesn’t look a year decomposed…
  • The Healthy Appetite 2 Bone Charm upgrades your Healthy Appetite 1 Bone Charm and give you more healing from food.
  • Leave there and go back towards the workshop. You might find overseers with dogs along the way. If you can possess animals, you do have the option of possessing dogs.
  • Climb or Blink on the roof of the workshop, walk around to the left, and jump down. Go to your second right and Blink up onto the air conditioner and up on the roof.
  • Go through the open window and equip your heart.
  • Look down and you’ll see the Bone Charm on the workbench.
  • Blink/Climb/Fall Down onto the workbench be sure to avoid the floors and the rats. You can use the boxes to make your way around the room.
  • Stand on the workbench and open the vise. The Acrobat Bone Charm might drop to the floor, but you can reach it from the bench.
  • The Acrobat Bone Charm gives you the ability to climb faster.

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