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February 28, 2013

Dishonored Conspiracy Theories: Prelude

Prelude: What the Fuck the Game Just Started


I hate long ass opening movie scenes in video games. I want to play. Like, now. Needless to say, I pretty much ignored everything that happened in the first 5 minutes of Dishonored.

Going back over everything, though, there were multiple situations that I should have paid attention to because they just didn’t make sense. I haven’t gotten that far into the game. I’ve probably only played about 10 hours of it, so my theories and hunches could be proven wrong at any point. I’m aware of that. But so far, this is what seems weird to me.

1. The Entrance into Dunwall

Here’s the deal. You sail into the city, and you have to be elevated up to get to the dock. It’s a pretty cool idea, right? Wrong, because I’m missing something. Dunwall is an Island. One of the guys that rode in with you makes the comment, “The plague could be over for all we know”. Which brings up the next suspicious thing. Dunwall is not only as Island, it’s isolated from the rest of the world. If there was a plague happening somewhere, why wouldn’t other people be  to date with the status of it? Because they don’t need to be, and they don’t care.

2. The Isolation of Dunwall

If you look around once you’ve gotten off the boat, you can see that, at one point, Dunwall used to be connected, there were bridges. Were. And not flimsy wooden bridges, these were sturdy cement, last for a lifetime kind of things.  Now, there’s just the remains of the posts that used to hold the bridges up. There’s not just one either, there are multiple bridges that used to be but aren’t anymore. These things couldn’t have come down coincidentally. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have left behind charred remains of boats that were not ready for the explosion that happened.

Not to mention, there are some suspicious looking buoys out there in the water. Why would they be there if it wasn’t to make sure nobody came in a left that wasn’t supposed to? Probably for the same reason that the lights on the wall faced outside on the rocks using up precious energy. Since things are being power by whale oil and everyone seems to have candles and lanterns everywhere, I’m going to assume that electricity isn’t something this place sees very often unless you’re looking at the happy sparkles from the sophisticated cities across the water.

3. Who is Lord Protector?

This is something I didn’t really pay alot of attention to and one of my more recent epiphanies. You’re the Empresses Body Guard, so I think it would be normal that people think you’re a protector. But, a Lord? The first person to say this is one of the Engineers right when you get off of the boat. Right before you reach them, one says “You know what to do next time?” That’s kind of weird. Then, if you talk to the robust looking one, he says “Welcome home, Lord Protector”. Interesting.

Something else I hadn’t noticed is the painter. He brags about a potion to cure the plague and you know this potion very well. The man’s name is Sokolov. When you walk up to him, he says “Welcome home Lord Protector”, yells at Campbell not to move, then says “Corvo, Welcome home”. Why the double greeting coupled with a cover up? Is it some kind of secret code word to let Corvo know who the good people are?


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