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October 21, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-High Seer Campbell Finale

Text from Branding Heretics in the game Dishonored

Dishonored Walkthrough

The final part of the High Seer Campbell mission. You have to make a decision to either kill Campbell or brand him as a heretic. You also have an optional side quest from Callista to save her uncle, Geoff Curnow who is going to be poisoned by the High Seer Campbell.

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  • Make your way to the Office of the High Seer and go upstairs. Before you left your homebase, you should have gotten a request from a girl who knew her uncle was going to be poisoned and asks you to stop it.
  • Head towards the glasses and you have a few choices when you get there. You can mix the drinks, switch the drinks, or spill the drinks. I chose to switch the drinks, but High Seer Campbell knew the difference and switched them back. The only sure thing here is to spill them, if you’ve ever mixed them leave me a comment and let me know what happens!
  • Campbell heads back to his room in the basement area and you are given the option to look for “branding instructions”.
  • Head towards the branding instructions and pick it up. It’ll tell you that if a Seer is branded as a heretic, they are cast from the group and nobody can give them aid. This is the non lethal way to finish the quest.
  • Campbell should now be in his quarters. You’ll have to head all the way downstairs, hit the light blue eyeball on the statue head and it’ll unlock Campbell’s door. Kill him if you’d like or put him to sleep with a dart or a choking.
  • If you haven’t already explored this room, equip your heart and grab the rune on the table. On the wall, you can see the painting Sokolov did in the first part of the mission and it’s worth 350 coins. Be sure to pick it up because it’s one of the paintings counted at the end of the mission.
  • If you decided to brand Campbell as a heretic, carry his body to the interrogation room.
  • Once there, it’ll cut scene to him being strapped in the chair. The branding tool is on the other side of the room. Blink your way over there and pick it up.
  • Blink back down to Campbell and proceed with branding him. Once this is done, your quest is complete and you can head back to Samuel who is located in the backyard where you got the Acrobat and Healthy Appetite II Bone Charms.

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