Dishonored Walkthrough-Slackjaw’s Man, Crowley

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Dishonored Optional Side Quest Walkthrough

You’re given the option of helping Slackjaw – located in the Distillery District – in exchange for help with the Pendleton twins by giving you a secret way into the Golden Cat Brothel. If you help him, you will gain a non-lethal way to take care of the Pendletons. You also obtain the rune found in Dr Galvani’s house where the Plague Rot Viscera was located.

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  • Once you’re back in Dunwall, head towards the Distillery District.
  • It is no longer hostile territory, so you can walk right in with no problem.
  • There is a rune in the caged room where the weepers are. I put the weepers to sleep with some darts and the door was open when I came back outside. I’m not sure if this is the case every time. If you know, send me an email or leave me a comment!
  • Head towards where the sill is and Slackjaw is there and he’s willing to cut you a deal.
  • He’s running out of healthy men (probably because you poisoned them all) and needs you to find out where Crowley is.
  • Crowley was last heard of at Dr Galvani’s office which is located between the 2 walls of lights.
  • In Galvani’s lab, you’ll find Crowley dead on the table (third floor) with an audiograph beside it that you can take back to Slackjaw – the audiograph is optional.
  • There’s also a rune located behind the secret bookshelf where the Plague Rot Viscera used to be.
  • If you haven’t already opened the safe on the second floor, the combination is 287 – Galvani’s birthday.
  • Watch out for any guards you encounter at this point in the game. They have started to carry guns.
  • Head back to Slackjaw in the Distillery District with your news. He should have moved from the sill to the operating room right when you enter the building.
  • The audiograph contains information about somebody who wants Slackjaw dead so they can take over the Bottle Street Gang.
  • Slackjaw will give you a key to the Captain’s Chair, a hotel abandoned since the plague hit. You can use the roof to get to the Golden Cat Brothel.

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