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October 23, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Northside Bridgeway Safe

How to get into the safe in the northside bridgeway

Dishonored Safe Location and Combination

This is a walkthrough to locate the safe in the Northside Bridgeway behind the painting. Help the prisoners that are going to be experimented on by Sokolov to get the combination. Use the rewire tool to outsmart the guards or use your super assassination skills to murder them in cold blood.


  • After entering the NorthSide Bridgeway, you can either sneak around the guards or go straight in. I chose to sneak this time.
  • Listen to a conversation the guards have about what Sokolov is going to do to the prisoners and then listen to the prisoners lament about their situation.
  • You’ll find the prisoners in the open area to the left.
  • Two (2) stories above them you’ll see a painting. Blink up to that painting and open it. The safe is hidden there.
  • The combination is 294 – which you’ll only get by helping the prisoners. I don’t know if you can get into the safe without their help. Leave me a comment and let me know!
  • If you want to help the prisoners, jump down to the left of their cage and you’ll see whale oil and a circuitry box.
  • You can use a rewire tool to take out the guards or kill them (sneak past them) on your own.
  • You’ll need to completely remove the whale oil to free the prisoners.
  • They will thank you and the woman will give you the combination to the safe which holds 2 bars of gold worth 100 coins each.

**There is also a safe located in the building the locked one is connected to. Blink to the opening that is facing the river go into the room and drop down in the hole in the floor. No combination is required for this safe**
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