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October 25, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Hounds Pit Pub Blood Ox Heart Bone Charm

Dishonored Walkthrough to get Cecelia's apartment key and the Blood Ox Heart Bone Charm

Dishonored Bone Charm Location Walkthrough

Cecelia tells you that she has an apartment key in case the City Watch starts banging down the doors. She gives you the location of the key with also has the Blood Ox Heart Bone Charm in the apartment across from the Hounds Pit Pub

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  • Once you’ve returned from kidnapping Sokolov, request to stay up and head into the Hounds Pit Pub.
  • Cecelia should be by the fire, talk to her and she will tell you that she’s scared of the City Watch breaking down the doors and has a backup place to meet up in case that happens.
  • The apartment key is upstairs under her bunk in the room where all of the bunks are on the second floor. It’s on the floor and might be a little hard to see.
  • Take the key and head outside towards the back of the pub.
  • Equip your heart and it should lead you in the right direction.
  • Open the door with your key and go straight into the bedroom.
  • The Bone Charm is under the bed, you might have to crouch to get to it.
  • There’s also an imperial cameo located on the top shelf of the first room  you walk into worth 150 coins if you’re interested.

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