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October 25, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Abduct Sokolov the Sneaky Way

Abduct Sokolov without being seen

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough

How to abduct Sokolov the without being seen during The Royal Physician Mission and also obtain the rune in Sokolov’s Office.

  • You’ll want to get around to the rooftops right above the guards in front of Sokolov’s house.
  • To the right, you’ll see some small open window-like spots in the wall and you can blink in there to get into his house.
  • Sneak up the steps, make sure the guards in the hallway outside of the room don’t see you. Go all the way up the steps to the roof and Sokolov is behind the door at the end
  • There’s a guard on the walkway if you go around to the front, take him out if you’re paranoid.
  • Open the door and listen to Sokolov talk, then converse with his victim. Once he’s done, he will walk over to her cage.
  • When he back is to you and his attention is on her, you can get behind him and choke him out, or us a sleep dart on him.
  • There is also a rune on the table where he was first standing.
  • You can also use the empty vials to make yourself a health potion.
  • Once you’re done there, you’ve got to get him back to Samuel.
  • Pick up the physician and blink across the rooftops towards the water. Samuel is located under the bridge where the prisoners and safe behind the painting is located.

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