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October 26, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Lady Boyle Mission Without Being Seen

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough

You’ve been sent on a mission to take care of Lady Boyle, but a stranger in a mask at the party asks you to save her. This is the option way to take care of Lady Boyle – who happens to be Esma in the Red costume – without killing her. Sneak through the party at the Boyle Estate without being noticed and learn a little more about the puzzling storyline Dishonored is centered around.

  • Getting into the party is pretty easy, just blink around the rooftops out of sight until you get into the gates.
  • Once you’re inside the gates, sheath your weapon and you can walk around freely. A lady drops her invitation and you can use that to get in with no problem.
  • According to hear say, all 3 Boyle ladies are in the same costume but different colors.
  • You can either talk to guests to find out information or you can go upstairs to find out who is who.
  • I opted to talk to guests. If you talk to the lady with the moth mask on, she will ask for a drink. Get it for her from the banquet table in the main room and return to her. She will tell you that Waverly is in white and Lydia is in black.
  • Find the guy in the weird witch doctor looking mask and he will ask to speak to you in private
  • Follow him and he will tell you that he loves the lady in red – Esma – and if you deliver her to him in the basement, he will take her away and you’ll never see her again.
  • Find Esma walking around in the Red costume and talk to her. Ask if you can speak to her privately and follow her to your room.
  • Take her out in her room. The painting above the fireplace is one of the ones counted at the end of the mission, so pick that up.
  • You sneak into the sisters rooms, to steal their stuff. Lydia’s room is across the walkway and it has a key to the basement vault which has a rune in it.
  • Grab the unconscious Esma Boyle and go back down the way you came making sure you stay out of sight of guards and in sneak mode.
  • Go all the way downstairs and into the basement. Pull the lever to open the door
  • The masked man is in the boat by the water, deliver the girl to him.
  • If you got the Basement Vault Key, this is the area that you use it. There is a rune in there and some expensive shit for you to loot.

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