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November 3, 2012

Private Detectives and Spy Tech

James Bond was a man before his time. Any fan of the long-running spy franchise remembers the hi-tech gadgets and gizmos Bond used in the field, all provided by MI-6’s resident genius, the eccentric Q. Many of Bond’s once futuristic tools are realities today.

Surveillance and research are hallmarks of a good private detective, no matter what Hollywood says about exciting fistfights and car chases. A private investigator’s job is to gather accurate evidence and present it to the client. Today’s private investigator company has a number of Bond-like tricks that make intelligence-gathering much easier.

Spy-Grade Recorders and Bionic Ears

Commercially available audiovisual recorders are increasingly tiny, but they look like cumbersome movie cameras compared to private investigating tools. Investigators can hide tiny audio recorders and cameras almost anywhere and the devices record hours of footage.

Recorders also come in an array of disguises, from key chains and watches to cameras hidden in soda cans. Larger surveillance equipment masquerades as utility or electric boxes. Cameras also come with night vision capabilities for 24-hour monitoring.

For the private investigator that likes to get out in the field, bionic ears are available. Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. Small ear-implants that look like hearing aids amplify sound, allowing wearers to hear conversations from a distance.

GPS Trackers

Private detectives no longer need to stake out and tail suspects thanks to tiny GPS trackers. The trackers magnetically attach to the undersides of a suspect’s car, and transmit where the car is at all times.

Investigators can set the tracker to send an alert if the car strays into specific geographic areas, such as areas where the suspect may be meeting a lover for an affair. Once the investigator gets the alert, he or she can head out in person.

GPS recorders also play a role in private investigating. Small enough to slip undetected into a person’s backpack or handbag, these little devices record a person’s every move over a period of time.

If you suspect you are the one being tracked, private investigators also offer counter-surveillance tools that can detect wiretapping and cell phone bugs.

PIs and the Internet

Online behavior is just as important as real-life behavior. Many adulterers, for instance, contact lovers online to arrange trysts. Private investigators may use keylogging programs and browser monitors to track a suspect’s online activity.

From a daily perspective, however, the Internet itself is a private investigator’s greatest weapon. Armed with the training needed to locate personal information, an international detective can screen people from across the country, even performing a China background check if necessary. People’s lives leave indelible traces in public records, and thanks to the Internet, private detectives can access and evaluate these records without leaving their offices.

Shane is a geek who loves spy gadgets.  He’s seen every James Bond movie to date, and can quote them for hours at a time!

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