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October 27, 2012

Use Sona Effectively in Dominion-League of Legends

League of legends

Sona – Maven of the Strings – Intro

Sona is currently my favorite support character to use in League of Legends. I generally do the best with ranged champions and she also comes with support for the team and herself, so she’s an easy winner. According to her description, she’s one of the easiest champions to use, but there’s a level of complexity about her that goes beyond a few pretty sounding spells. I’ve been able to be extremely effective with Sona using these methods and I’ve broken out of the normal “support only” category she seems to be put into and turned her into a force worth playing.

One of her unique abilities is her Persistent Aura. Each time she casts an ability, there is an activation result plus an aura that effects the champions around her. The aura will stay as long as the champions are close and she doesn’t change her ability.

Sona League of Legends

I’m not here to bore you with facts, I’m here to help you learn how to play with her so I won’t put the abilities,range and mana cost. You don’t care. I know. The reason I specifically stated that this is for Dominion is because the original methods of using Sona are still the best used in a normal game. The map set up, speed, and game play of dominion is what makes it different.

I’d also like to add that this is my personal preferences. I understand that you might have different ones. That’s great, really. Build your own site and spew your bullshit there.

Sona League of Legends


  1.  Items
  2. Static Turret Defender

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