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October 27, 2012

Item Build-Use Sona Effectively in Dominion-League of Legends

League of legends

Sona – Maven of the Strings – Item Build

Sona is known as an easy to use Champion in League of Legends who usually sits back and supports her team. Dominion offers a new way to play this character that, I think, is more fun and you get the most out of all of the champions abilities. These items break away from what is recommended to you.

Sona League of Legends

 There are 2 things to focus on in this kind of game play and those are 1) Cooldown Reduction and 2) Ability Power. What’s awesome about this is that there are items that can do both for you. By now, you should know about building items: Buying the weaker items if you can’t afford the stronger ones and purchasing the stronger items at a reduced price for trading the weaker items in. I’ll leave the building options up to you, but I generally will buy the ability items first and only buy the mana items if I am running out too quickly.

Use Sona Effectively in DominionThe very first item you should buy are the Ionic Boots of Lucidity. It is the only thing you need out of the gate. I recommend that you have Clarity as well since you might run out of mana before you can get back. These offer 15% cooldown reduction and +2 on movement. It helps to get to the top turret to help your team out if you’ve stayed to take the lower top turret.


League of Legends Sona Champion
The Giant’s Belt is something that you should at least shoot for. If you die before you’re able to afford it, buy one of the cheaper ability or mana items first, but try to keep this in mind because the extra health is important. It’s also a building item for the Scepter they recommend, but that item isn’t a priority.


League of Legends
This is one of the things that you’ll buy the most because it builds into all of your priorities. You’ll need at least 4 of them so feel free to stock up if you have the coins but can’t buy anything else. It gives you ability power and isn’t expensive so it’s a win win kind of item.


Fiendish Codex
The Fiendish Codex is both ability and cooldown. One of those super special items I told you would be important. It’s not that expensive and builds 2 of the other items you’ll want to get for cooldown and ability power.


Athene's Unholy Grail
Fiendish Codex and Amplifying Tome make up this Item. It’s also the most expensive one you’ll have to buy, but it adds ability, cooldown reduction, and magic resist so it’s a super important item.


Morello's Evil Tome
Another one of those awesome ability plus cooldown reduction items. It can be built with Fiendish Codex as well. It’s less expensive than the grail so I usually go for it first unless I can afford the other item.


Item Build Rough Outline

Like I said before, the build is up to you and things might change if you die or need to go back before you’ve made the money. This is the tentative path that I try to follow when I play, but being a good League of Legends player has to do with being able to adapt to your situations.

  1. Ionic Boots of Lucidity
  2. Iron Belt (or ability/mana item)
  3. Fiendish Codex (or Fiendish Codex build item)
  4. Morello’s Evil Tome (or build item)
  5. Athene’s Holy Grail (or build item)

Once I’ve gotten those items, I generally will only build ability items like Rabadon’s Deathcap and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter until the game is over. I usually don’t get the chance to buy these, so no worries there.

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