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October 30, 2012

Dishonored Walkthrough-Get Rid of the Lord Regent (Non-Lethal)

Dishonored Walkthrough

Dishonored Mission Walkthrough

You’ve finally taken care of everyone close to the Lord Regent (Campbell, Pendletons, Sokolov, Lady Boyle) and it’s finally time to take care of him yourself. Travel back to Dunwall Tower and take him down the non-lethal way without being seen. Along the way, you have the chance to kill the torturer, find an outsider shrine, and pick up a couple of runes. This walkthrough will use the majority of your assassin skills and is one of the more advanced ways to make your way through the quest. I will be posting a less difficult and more direct one later.

  •  Sneak your way to the left side (if you’re looking at the tower) on the same side as the gazebo Empress Jasmine was killed at
  • In the room on the left side, there’s an engineer there who is not hostile. Talk to him and he will tell you of an alternate route into the castle using the moat.
  • The moat has a lot of hagfish. Possess a hagfish and swim to the right side of the front door.
  • There’s a little caged window there you can swim in as a fish. This takes you to the side entrance into the Dunwall Tower.
  • Open the door and the Lord Regent will start yelling about his security. You’ll hear the guards tell him to stay in his safe room and he leaves.
  • There is one guard in the area that will make a pass by the room you are currently in. Wait for him to pass and when his back is to you, take care of him.
  • One other guard will make a pass n the steps, but does not go down the lowest flight of steps.
  • Head to the door on the right of the staircases. The Dunwall Kitchen Key is behind the door. Head towards the door at the end and peek through the keyhole.
  • Wait for the maid to pass and open the door. Listen to the guy talk to the other maid about the torturer and then go up the steps quickly as the conversation ends.
  • When you’ve reached the top, blink up to the vents on the left side of the hall and make your way down to the other end.
  • At the end of the hall, the door kind of in the corner on the right is where the torturer is. The outsider shrine and a rune is down there as well as the torturer (who is mute) and a mutt. You can kill the torturer if you want, or find a way to sneak (there’s a vent up top, bend time, possess an animal, etc)
  • Leave the torturer room and go straight. Blink up to the vents because a guard is going to come out of the door at the end of the hallway.
  • The guard will walk into the door next to the one he just walked through which is also a bathroom. Take him out while he’s using the facilities (ew. penis) just to be safe.
  • Walk through the door and overhear guards talking about security.
  • Wait until there is only one guard standing by the steps and the other has gone upstairs then continue in the same direction and through the door opposite the door you just walked through.
  • At the end of the hallway, there’s an overseer and a mutt in the room. The mutt does a circle. Wait for the mutt to turn his back to you, open the door, and possess the dog.
  • Run towards the spotlights and turn left at the end of the hall. There are guards everywhere so try to get behind one of them (I found one at the fireplace) leave the dog, switch to bend time, bend time, switch to blink, blink up to the chandeliers and then blink over to the rafters on the walls.
  • If you’re able to execute this without blinking up to the rafters, then completely disregard that last step. If you’re able to possess the dog, then possess a guard immediately after, do that. Use the guard to walk through the door to get to the Broadcast Station (Follow the arrows)
  • Close the door behind you and leave the guard. Choke him out before he’s done throwing up so he doesn’t raise an alarm. The Broadcast Station key is on the wall as well.
  • There’s an Arc Pylon a few floors above you. The mechanisms are on the lower floor where you are. You can either remove the whale oil to disarm it completely, or rewire it by pressing X on the box to the right.
  • Head all the way to the top of the stairs. By the third floor or so, your objectives should update to tell you to talk to the Propaganda Officer so keep going up.
  • The Propaganda Officer also dislikes the Lord Regent and will give you a Non Lethal way to kill the Lord Regent by going to his room, breaking into his safe, and getting the audiograph to play for the Empire to hear.
  • Head back down the stairs to the floor you can exit on. The same one where your objectives should have updated.
  • Behind the closed door at the end of the hallway, there is one guard. Take him out when his back is to you or just go into the first room on the left. This is the Lord Regents bedroom.
  • The safe combination is 935 and inside there is the audiograph, and jewel box, and a note to the Spymaster from Daud concerning Corvo’s presence the day Daud killed the Empress.
  • Take the audiograph back upstairs and play it and you’ve completed your objective. This will cause the alarms to go off in the tower – have fun getting out!

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