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November 8, 2012

StaticTurrent Defending-Use Sona Effectively in Dominion

League of legends

Using Sona as a Static Turret Defender in Dominion

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Sona League of Legends

Sona is an underused Support, Mage, and Ranged Champion in League of Legends. In this mini-series, I show you some ways to use her as both Attack Power while still providing Support in Dominion. This makes your champion more dynamic and makes the game more fun for you. Learn item builds, tactics, and tricks that make Sona a driving force in any League of Legends Dominion game.

One of the ways you can use Sona is a static turret defender.  I try to keep her at The Windmill at the very top because this turret is usually fought over most in the game. If you can get this turret before the other team in the beginning, you can gain the upper hand. Sometimes, this isn’t possible, but there are plenty of other turrets for her to defend.

When you first start the game, level all of your available abilities. I do this with Sona because of her Power Chord. This ability allows her next basic attack after the third spell cast to do special damage. You’ll want both Staccato and Tempo unlocked and you’re going to need healing for the team so it’s beneficial to learn them all at the beginning.

Read this guide for my personal opinions on item builds.

Use Sona effectively in DominionBy the time you get to the top windmill, you should have gained a level and you can upgrade Hymn of Valor to level  2. Any time that you can upgrade Hymn of Valor, then do it. That has priority over all of your other abilities except your ultimate because you need to have attack power.

You’ll want to know the radius of your abilities powers by heart. This might take a while because it only comes with practice. You need to know this because you’ll want to start attacking somebody as soon as you can without leaving the safety of the turret. Her attacks can go through objects so you can attack somebody hanging out on the other side of an object or wall to weaken them.

You will be relying on turret damage to help you out immensely. Sona doesn’t have high defense or health so knowing your next move beforehand is crucial. Make sure to stay in the turret area. If you see the turret starting to fail because of too many people or minions, get out as fast as possible.

Use your ultimate when there are multiple enemies on your turret. This will cause the turret to start attacking them giving you that extra attack power you need while they can’t capture. You will have to keep moving around and make sure your third cast is the Song of Celerity so your Power Chord will slow their movement enough for you to get a bit of distance. I usually do Valor, Perseverance, Celerity, then Power Chord.

While you’re waiting for some action, farm the enemy minions between the windmill and the tower. You’ll want to do this so the enemy champion doesn’t come with minion friends. Those minions will take down the turret while you’re fighting the champion and we don’t want to lose the turret power.

Sona League of Legends


1)      Learn your ability radius and practice attacking somebody right at the edge of that radius.

2)      Practice casting Celerity as your third cast so your next basic attack slows down the enemy.

3)      Know when you run and when to fight. It is better for you to get a few hits to weaken an enemy and then fall back instead of dying and losing 20 seconds.

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