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November 8, 2012

QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller Kickstarter

Keith McMillan Instruments

QuNexus Kickstarter Video

In October, we introduced our love for the QuNeo Pad Controller by Keith McMillen Instruments. They are back at it again with their smarts and ingenuousness and stuff, but they need your help!

Go to the QuNexus KickStarter

Enter the QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller. This offers 25 keys and 7 octaves to play with. QuNexus is the first keyboard controller to unite four generations of synthesis: MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC and USB.

KMI is asking for just $20000 to fund the tooling and production. The prototype is already done and they are ready to make it with your help. Support a new generation of music technology while getting some cool rewards for your pledge.

The shape is longer than the QuNeo, and has been called unconventional, but it’s easy enough for beginners to enjoy. The QuNexus offers:

25 Smart Sensor Keys detect Pressure, Location, and Velocity
Polyphonic Aftertouch
7 Octave range
Pitch Bend Pad
2 CV/Gate Inputs
Gate and 3 CV Outputs (16-bit)
Blue and White LED Illumination with 16 levels of brightness
Portable: 14 oz, 3.5″ x 10″ x .5 “
Plug and Play: USB powered, no drivers needed
MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Click here to Support the QuNexus Kickstarter!

We’ve promoted one other kickstarter on Zaptoid who was a band called Tempting Paris. They made their $20000 goal with your help! Congratulations!

In 2005 KMI was founded by serial entrepreneur Keith McMillen in Berkeley, CA. A respected and prolific inventor, McMillen’s track-record includes: the first programmable audio mixer (Akai MPX820) and the gold standard for electric stringed instruments (Zeta Violin).

UPDATE: The QuNexus has met its $20000 goal! It doesn’t just stop there though. Pledge your donation to Keith McMillen Instruments to get your own QuNexus Controller and support the future of music technology.

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