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December 2, 2012

League of Legends Lady Champions-Ashe in Dominion Game Play

Dominion game Play

How to Use Ashe Effectively in Domion

When I first started playing League of Legends, I hated Ashe. I’m not sure why because I’m a big fan of ranged characters. Once I started learning the difference between Attack Damage and Attack Power, I think I started to appreciate her more.

League of Legends DominionI’ve never used Ashe in classic play, but I have used her in 3v3. The way I built in 3v3 was basically the same as I do in Dominion so I would say there isn’t much of a difference. Read more about the basics of playing Dominion in League of Legends.

There are 3 things you’ll want to focus on:

  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Life Steal

All of Ashe’s abilities, with the exception of her Ultimate, rely on Attack Damage. You can push a few points to the Ultimate by building with AP items, but it’s  a waste of coins. Her ultimate is strong enough and you spend most of your time hitting players with basic attacks.

Ashe is a Carry and a Pusher in Classic. She offers the same in Dominion and can take the bottom turret alone. It’s usually better to have a tank/melee down there, but if it’s necessary, it is possible. Ashe also doesn’t build health or armor. She doesn’t need to, she’s ranged. For this reason, you’ll want to kill them off as soon as possible by getting your attacking speed up. The quicker you can kill them, the better it’ll be for you. If they get close enough to melee, then you’re mostly likely dead.

Life steal is important simply because you’re going to want to be able to stay away from your Summoner’s Platform as long as possible. You have the option of the re-spawning health packs, but I try to leave those for my teammates that really need it. This is where life steal becomes important. You can build with lifesteal/attack damage items and be good to go.

Dominion Game Play

Ashe’s 3 abilities aren’t really relied on much during Dominion. The only one I really focus on is Volley because the cooldown is reduced as it levels up and it adds a nice boost to your regular shot. The frost shot is the only other ability, besides her ultimate, you’ll need to worry about. I usually put that at 1 until I no longer have the option of upgrading volley. Just as long as it’s learned, you’ll have the slowing shot. Hawkshot is pretty much useless because there aren’t a lot of places for players to hide. I generally save that ability as the last one to level.

Ashe’s ultimate can be crucial for defending across the map. You can use the arrow to stop an enemy turret capture while also stunning those enemies for a short period of time. This could be long enough for the team to get to the turret in danger and take care of the situation themselves. You will need to be able to keep a close eye on your mini-map while shifting camera angles and being able to hold your own, but playing any champion requires this skill.

Item Build

As I mentioned earlier, Attack Damage, Speed, and Life Steal are the items you want to focus on. The suggested items are a good place to start, unlike some champions, and if you’re hesitant, I would suggest to follow those. The only time you might stray from the suggested items is if you need to build your Armor or Magic Resist and pairing those with something that also boosts the focused stats can help immensely.

League of Legends

The only item I would question getting are the boots because the Berserker Greaves will give you 25% attack speed instead of choosing the extra running speed boost. It’s completely up to you.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest things to remember is not to push too hard. You don’t build health or armor, so keep that in mind when you run after a champion going towards their own turret. You usually will get the opportunity to wear them down from a distance, or they will retreat if they are low enough health. Taking on a turret and a champion is never a good idea playing Ashe in Dominion.

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