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February 14, 2013

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker-6.x Alternative to SMS Ninja

SMS Blocker

We all need a way to be unreachable. Some of us more than others. A few months ago, I wrote about SMS Ninja and its’ awesome ability to make sure the people you don’t want to contact you, can’t.

Unfortunately, SMS Ninja is not compatible with iOS 6.x and I needed to find an alternative for my newly jailbroken iPhone 4s. I found my needed solution in the form of 2 different apps on the Cydia Market: Call Blocker and SMS Blocker.

Call BlockerIt costs 0.99 cents for each app, but it’s $2 worth spending. You have to navigate between both apps to make sure it works the way you want, but I think it’s more reliable that way. SMS Blocker also blocks iMessage which was something that SMS Ninja failed to do.

Each app works in almost the same way. You add a number to the block list and the application does the rest for you. Every time a call or text is blocked, it is added to the History list with the time and date. All received texts are also added with a copy of the message that was blocked-just in case you are curious.

Call Blocker has a really cool “wildcard” option. If you want to block all calls that begin with a certain pre-fix or are from a certain area code, all you have to do is use an asterisk (“*”) when you input the blocked number.

If you feel like you want to be a little more isolated both Call Blocker and SMS Blocker have the option of blocking all calls and texts. It works just like manually inputting a blocked number. All calls and texts that are blocked will still show up in the history.

SMS BlockerYou have the option of deleting your texts and phone calls from your phone as well. Having this option active is necessary for both calls and texts because if it isn’t deleted, it will still show that you have a message or missed call, you just will not be notified.

One setting you will have to change is being able to view missed calls on the lock screen. Even with the call being deleted from history, you will still see that you have a missed call from the blocked person as well as a voicemail if it is left.

Overall, this is probably one of the best $2 I have ever spent. It does it’s job in a very simple way and I have minimal complaints. I’d even say it’s better than SMS Ninja because it blocks iMessage as well. If you’re looking for a way to disappear, then this app is for you.

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