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February 23, 2013

Convert VHS Videos To DVD

There comes a time in all our lives when we need a good clear-out. It’s unavoidable that we have to get rid of things every now and again, whether we like it or not. It’s not always our idea, but we do all feel better for it afterwards, despite the complaints and disruption! The first things to go are usually things you haven’t worn or watched in years. Unfortunately, top of the redundant list in today’s digital age are VHS tapes. But before you throw away your memories forever, there is a chance to keep them! Don’t banish them to the bin before you convert them to DVD’s! Here is why, and how:

Magic Memories

One small step for man, one giant leap for memories.

There’s nothing like looking back in life. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the here and now that we forget the great times gone by. Aside from nostalgia, there are also so many classic ‘caught on camera’ moments that will leave you blushing every time! Whether it’s your daughter’s first steps, your wedding day, or even just a home movie of your family and friends, memories are something that should be kept and shared forever. Show your kids what life was like in black and white, and who knows, in the future we may marvel at the fact home movies are only 2-dimensional! Good times should always stay with us, and converting your VHS videos to DVD is something that will help keep them close.

Magic Media

Laughing at our loved ones from your laptop, or bellowing at them on the big screen; the brilliant thing about DVDs is the range of media that it covers. VHS tapes are incredibly limited, and they are becoming more and more ancient as the days go by; converting them to DVD opens up a multitude of media that you can enjoy your memories upon. Carrying them from place to place is unbelievably easy, instead of a huge box of home movies, what if all your fantastic films fit onto a single disc?

Simple Steps

Converting your VHS to DVD is a very easy process. Most may disregard the idea because they want to avoid the hassle, but the great news is that specialist IT & digital media companies are set up to make your movie experience run smoothly. Conversion is also relatively inexpensive, and even the largest collections can be turned around in no time ready to be picked up the next day where possible. Make sure that you shop around for the best deal!

State of the art digital equipment will result in a great quality of picture. We often worry that along the process, the quality of our film will be lost. Thankfully, 8mm film and VHS tapes can be transferred onto DVD while maintaining a fantastic level of quality. Over time, VHS tapes can be easily damaged, and lose the level of detail and colour with which they once captured your amazing memories. DVDs are a great way to preserve them without any loss of quality, and with the option of making backups and copies just in case!


Some things are too good to keep to yourself!

Great memories are worth protecting; DVD backups and copies are great for that purpose. Another great thing about having a digital copy of your film though, is how easy it is to share. Family on the other side of the world can have a copy of your disc sent through the post to keep for their own, whilst videos and home movies can be shared on social media websites, via email or shared storage programs.

Converting your VHS family videos means that there are no more limits to your magic moments, and your aunts, uncles, cousins and distant relatives from all corners of the globe can enjoy those special times too. How many of us will treasure seeing a young one’s first steps, even if we can’t be there in the flesh? Not only can you share with friends and family, you might even want to share a funny film with the rest of the world, and see if you can become the next online sensation!


Some things in life are worth holding onto. Our memories are one of the few things that have made us who we are, and that we will always want to carry with us. VHS tapes were fantastic in their time, but converting them to DVD is an amazing way to preserve those magic moments. Protect them, share them, keep them, and watch them together for years to come. The best things in life should be built to last!

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By Nathan Griffiths, a Technical Author who suggests Bushey DVD if you need to buy VHS to DVD conversion services.

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