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February 23, 2013

A Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

What’s the overall opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2?  Essentially, it is a great phone for people on a budget.  It offers everything you could possibly need, it has a fast dual-core processor chip and the camera is not bad at all.  However, if you were to purchase it as a SIM-free phone, it may seem a bit too expensive, and people on contract would usually pick something else because they get a handset with their contract anyway.  Also, it doesn’t use Ice Cream Sandwich, but rather the slightly older Gingerbread as its Android operating system.

The Good

The dual core processor chip is definitely very good.  Furthermore, it takes really good pictures, which is nice for when you’re on the go and haven’t brought your camera.  Also, it has a MicroSD card slot, so you can extend the memory.

The Bad

It doesn’t run on Ice Cream Sandwich, which is far more up to date than Gingerbread.  Some people also think the camera can be a bit slow.  Furthermore, the Ace 2 is simply an update of the regular Ace, which was first released for people who couldn’t afford the regular Galaxy.  The Ace 2 is exactly that:  a phone for those who clearly can’t afford the better model.

Overall Verdict

If what you want is the Samsung Galaxy S3, you may be totally shocked by its huge price.  The Ace 2 may be a reasonable alternative, but it certainly doesn’t pack the same punch as the S3, obviously.  The Ace 2 is simply a device that introduces you a little bit to the fantastic, intergalactic technology that Samsung has to offer, but leaves you wanting more.  A lot more.  However, the fact that it is so affordable is a major plus point.  After all, it means that anybody is able to say they own a Samsung Galaxy.  Just don’t mention it isn’t the flagship, but rather an Ace and you should still look just as stylish.

An honest review is needed.  It’s not a bad phone.  It is something that gives you a real taster of what Samsung can do and has quite a number of the features of the top-end phones.  It isn’t a bad phone, but it certainly isn’t amazing either.  Most people would describe it, simply, as “adequate”.  The main benefit of this phone, obviously, is the fact that it is so affordable.  It is the perfect device for people who have lost their own phone and need to buy a SIM-free model, or for those who want to keep their contract price all the way down.  It isn’t the phone that when you take it out of your pocket, you hear the room go silent because you have such an amazing device.  However, it works, it does exactly what it needs to do and it has some great little extras.  The sound quality is great, which means you can use it as a Walkman as well, and the picture quality really is what you would expect from Samsung.

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Laura Ginn had recently dropped her phone and smashed it to pieces.  Having no insurance, she purchased the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 herself and she is very happy with it.  It will serve her well until she is due an update.

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