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March 2, 2013

Pixel People Clone Combinations

Chillingo LTD

I recently wrote a review on the iPhone game Pixel People and have recently finished all of the Clone combinations. If you need help figuring out how to splice your clones, they are all listed in alphabetical order. The first column (pink) is the target clone combination and the other 2 columns (orange and blue) are what you need to splice the clone.

Overall, the game did make me want to play it until the end and that’s something hard to find in a market of games that are pretty much the same as the last. While I’m not sure what about Pixel People made it so appealing, I think that it’s a game at least worth trying.

Good News! In the latest update, Chillingo Ltd. fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to see what the clone matches were in the buildings. It was something that I had mentioned was an annoying aspect in the review so I was really happy when they rolled this update out. Thanks Chillingo!

Pixel People

Pixel People Clone Combinations 1Pixel People Clone Combinations 1Pixel People Clone Combinations

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